Monday, January 17, 2011

Posting Nine
"Pre-shoot Checklist"

Before going on any photo shoot, there are specific preparations to consider…
Night Before
  Battery check
         Are they charged?
         Did you pack a spare?

  Memory cards
         Have enough memory?
            How long will you be shooting?
            Which format will you be using – RAW, high jpeg, etc.
            Have the cards been formatted
in the camera?        

  Lenses and sensor
         Clean your equipment before heading out
  Camera setup
         Which mode - Aperture / Shutter / Manual / Other? 

         White balance? 

  Camera bag
         Pack it up the night before with the proper lenses, filters,
            memory cards, batteries, flash, manual and TRIPOD!        
         Any extra equipment not needed in the bag? Take it out!

         Field Work
         Focus check – auto focus on?
         White balance – set for the day’s lighting?
         Camera settings – ISO?
         Shoot and review – test fire a shot and look at its
            histogram, highlights, etc. on the LCD
         Subject orientation – portrait and/or landscape or both?

         Snacks? Water? Cell phone?

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