Monday, April 24, 2017

Shoot Twelve - NECCC Conference II

Edinburg - Must have been a tough one as only four (4) of you responded! For me it was the Military Tattoo. . .

"Kiley in the Tea House

Still at UMASS and the NECCC Conference, I checked out the models available. There are usually four set-ups with a change of models every half-hour. Problem might be that you are in line to shoot "Kiley" and her time has expired so she is replaced.

Kiley, as is the case with all of the models, was very cooperative. They will pose in any angle you ask and use the props that are available.

Here I chose the fan to add some mystery to her pose.

While taking her through post-processing, I felt there should be more to the image. I remembered I had an Asian tea house from Vancouver. I pulled it and situated it behind her. I then went the monochromatic route.

Where in the World?

Better get out the atlas as this year I will be featuring some of the more famous cities of the world! Here are some interesting facts about one of them. Just what city would I be visiting? 

one of the greatest cities in the world, 

it has played a crucial role, both in the its country’s history as well as the history of the world.

it is a city of extremes. On one hand is its remarkable past, while on the other hand you can see this capital city buzzing with the energy typical of the 21st century.

As a tourist destination, it is a place best seen on foot. With numerous museums and several palaces and religious centers to see, you will never get tired of walking here.

Another sight that will pull you towards itself is that of Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, also known as St. Basil Cathedral. This cathedral was built to commemorate its country’s victory over Poland in the 16th century.

Helpful hint: the most famous place in the whole city is actually a fortified complex consisting of several government buildings, palaces, as well as several ancient churches. It was built in the year 1156.

A Word to the Wise. . .

"Life is either a daring adventure or 

nothing at all." 

~ Helen Keller

Murphy's Laws. . .

Howard's Party Law:

The more food you prepare, 
the less your guests eat.

It's Cartoon Time. . .

Monday, April 17, 2017

Shoot Twelve - NECCC Conference

Chi-town! Did you get it???? Of course you did. Well, except for one faithful follower who settled on Evanston! Gotta love their pro football team, the Evanston Bears :) Eventually the responder came to his/her senses and focused in on Chicago as well as Carol, Jim, Michelle, Milt, Peyton, Elaine, Marianne, Mike, and Joani!

"The ISB Catwalk

Another annual event for me is the NECCC Photographic Conference that happens every July at UMASS Amherst. I have been attending this eat / sleep / drink photography weekend for the past ten years! The variety of subject matter in the workshops is appropriate for all levels from beginner to experienced.

The past couple of years I have been packing my camera as there are photo activities available. My problem is not to overbook myself by leaving no free time to check them out.

On this day I was just finishing up a lecture in the Science Building. I had plenty of time before the next presentation so I walked around with camera in hand. The interior architecture affords many images worthy of capturing.

For me it was this catwalk on the third floor. I was mesmerized by the seemingly never-ending entry way. After a little time on my screen I thought about taking it into B&W - but that little hint of greenery got me thinking not.

Where in the World?

Better get out the atlas as this year I will be featuring some of the more famous cities of the world! Here are some interesting facts about one of them. Just what city would I be visiting? 

it is one of the most picturesque cities of Europe because of its spectacular setting and Medieval and Gothic architecture which attracts millions of tourists yearly.

it is referred to as the Athens of the North because it is one of the seats of the Enlightenment, comparable to the Greek city of Athens.

Like its vibrant colors, its people are lively, fun-loving and very welcoming.

The heart of its attractions is the city’s Castle which is located in an extinct volcano and houses buildings that have been built as early as the 12th century. This is where the famous celebration of the Military Tattoo is held.

Visitors also do not fail to visit the Royal Botanic Garden which is famous worldwide for its variety of flowers that are found all over the world.

A Word to the Wise. . .

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: 

it goes on.. ." 

~ Robert Frost

Murphy's Laws. . .

Leahy's Law:

If a thing is done wrong often enough, 
it becomes right.

It's Cartoon Time. . .

Monday, April 10, 2017

Shoot Eleven - Scituate Light Bonus

Rome - there was no way you needed the last few clues, right? Too easy complained a few! Being cities of the world, there will not be many, if any, really  tough one - sorry.

Last week I heard from Marianne, Jim, Mike, Elaine, Michelle, Joani, and Peyton.

"Pontiac in Neon"

This was my bonus shot on the shoot to see Scituate Light. I have passed this neon sign at the wrong times - during the day, when it was being repaired, when it was turned off, or when the traffic in the area did not allow a stop. nTonight was different as all of the aforementioned obstacles were not there - the sign was lit!

After pulling into the parking lot, I broke out my tripod and camera and shot away!

With some post-processing to put the background in total darkness, it was done!

Serendipity wins again! 

Where in the World?

Better get out the atlas as this year I will be featuring some of the more famous cities of the world! Here are some interesting facts about one of them. Just what city would I be visiting? 

is the third-most populous city in the United States. With over 2.7 million residents,

 was incorporated as a city in 1837

The city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation 

its airport is the second-busiest in the world when measured by aircraft traffic. 

there are many colleges and universities in the area; among these, Northwestern University. 

It has professional sports teams in each of the major professional leagues. 

A Word to the Wise. . .

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion 

to their commitment to excellence, 

regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." 

~ Vince Lombardi

Murphy's Laws. . .

Quigley's Law of Highway Driving:

When travelling down the freeway, 
the first bug to hit a clean windshield will always land directly in front of the driver's face!

It's Cartoon Time. . .

Monday, April 3, 2017

Shoot Eleven - Scituate Light

Oslo - probably not on the tip of your tongue! However, Mariann, Elaine, Jim, Carol, Joani, Peyton, and Michelle chimed in. Even Jeff the W. dropped by but without a guess. . .

"Scituate Light"

I am embarrassed to admit that with all of the lighthouses that I have shot, the one closest to my home - Scituate Light - was not one of them!

Well, that distinction changed in July of this past year when I joined a small group of photo friends from Hockomock Digital Photographers! We spent close to two hours waiting for the sun to set and then deciding on the right angle to capture the lighthouse against the sky. Unfortunately, Scituate at sunset is a very popular destination for the locals and those visiting the area. Just prior to the setting sun about fifty people appeared at the base the structure and all around the area.

Patience paid off as the sea of humanity was gone right after the sun disappeared. We hung around and this was my favorite shot.

Where in the World?

Better get out the atlas as this year I will be featuring some of the more famous cities of the world! Here are some interesting facts about one of them. Just what city would I be visiting? 

This city has been a millennium-long center of culture, religion and power and has had a strong influence across the globe in its twenty-seven hundred years of existence.

Today, most of its beauty is due to the Renaissance period, a time when attractive squares were built like the Piazza del Campidoglio and amazing churches like the world’s largest cathedral, were built.

Visitors enjoy seeing its monumental buildings, such as the Colosseum, which was built when emperors like Nero ruled. There is also the impressive Pantheon which was created more than eighteen hundred years ago. A must see for most tourists is the popular Trevi Fountain which is one of the most beautiful fountains in the city.

Really, really stuck? You are kidding me, right? Then it's the capital of the country and is called the “Eternal City.”

A Word to the Wise. . .

"The biggest adventure you can take is 

to live the life of your dreams." 

~ Oprah Winfrey

Murphy's Laws. . .

Sony's Rule of Radio Reception:

Your walkman radio won't pick up the station 
you want to hear most.

It's Cartoon Time. . .