Monday, March 28, 2016

Shoot Three - "Normandy"

Scotland - the native land for my Mother's side of the family! Also, the country that Michelle, Milt, Jim, Peyton, and Joani guessed. Doris did some time to check in this week!

"German View of Omaha Beach"

Another one of our side trips out of Paris was Normandy. Other than what was in museums, there is not much to see there nowadays but what was there left a stark reminder of the valiant efforts of the Allies to end the war.

This was one of the bunkers in which you could walk around and look out. I wanted an image of what it might have been like with the German guns looking down on the beaches of Normandy. I believe the barbed wire was not the original barrier.

Getting Older?

"Just remember, once you're over the hill 
you begin to pick up speed."

   ~ Charles M. Schulz

Where in the World?

Here are some interesting facts about various countries of the world. Just where would I be?

in terms of land area, is the largest country in the world.

is located across 9 time zones.

has a wide range of natural resources and is one of the world’s largest producers of oil.

has over 40 national parks and 100 wildlife reserves.

has the largest freshwater lake in the world. It reaches 1642 metres (5,387 feet) in depth and contains around 20% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water.

has the world’s largest area of forests.

Interesting Fact. . .

Kites were used in the American Civil War to deliver 
letters and newspapers. 
(now we have drones!)

Leaving on a humorous note, I hope!

What is a "free" gift? 

Aren't all gifts free?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Shoot Three - "Paris and Beyond - Chateaux"

Guess many of you forgot how to use the Internet! however, Elaine and Michelle chimed in with Japan while Peyton and Jim were not too far away.

"St. Hubert's Chapel"

This shot is from the insides of Ambiose Chateau. When I looked out the window, I knew I had to shoot it! I used my patience filter to the max! As you can see very few or no people are in my final shot. No, they were not cloned out!

Interesting facts about St. Hubert's Chapel - it houses the remains of Leonardo da Vinci!

Getting Older?

"What a wonderful life I've had!  

I only wish I'd realized it sooner."

   ~ Colette

Where in the World?

Here are some interesting facts about various countries of the world. Just where would I be?

includes over 700 islands!

the highest mountain is Ben Nevis which stands at a height of 1344 metres (4409 feet).

has over 300 railway stations.

has a unique culture with traditions such as bagpipes, kilts and highland dancing (this one should solidify your guess).

In 1872, it participated in the first international game of football (soccer). The result was a 0-0 draw.

the thistle is a national symbol.

Interesting Fact. . .

Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day 
due to falling space dust.     

Leaving on a humorous note, I hope!

The only difference between a rut and a grave is
the depth!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Shoot Three B - "Paris and Beyond! - Chateaux"

Fiji - not sure what clue helped Michelle, Joani, Jim, Milt,  or Elaine? Peyton came about after his second guess and Doris just stopped by to say a few words.

"Chambord Chateau"

Using Paris as our home base, we were off the see the Chateaux of the Loire Valley. Our excursion included visits to three of them - Chambord (picurterd above), Ambiose, and Cheverney. Each of these "cottages" were well decorated with furniture, artwork, and other items to make you feel the castle life. Much like the mansions in Newport, RI, these villas were used sparingly! 

I don't think we had enough time to see any one of them in their entirety. And, the challenge to capture their essence on memory cards was daunting!

Getting Older?

"The best way to get most husbands to do something is 
to suggest that perhaps they're too old to do it."

   ~ Anne Bancroft 

Where in the World?

Here are some interesting facts about various countries of the world. Just where would I be?

country is made up of 6,852 islands!
has the tenth largest population in the world with over 127 million (July 2012).
almost three quarters of its land is either forest or mountains and is difficult to be made into farms, industrial or residential areas.
it is a world leader in robotics.
the most popular spectator sport is baseball.

it has hosted one Summer Olympics and two Winter Olympics.

Interesting Fact. . .

The University of Alaska spans four time zones!  

Leaving on a humorous note, I hope!

It's hard to make a comeback 
when you haven't been anywhere!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Shoot Three B - "Paris and Beyond"

Wales? Does anyone ever visit Wales?? And, who knew they were famous for their male choirs - Michelle did! So Milt, Peyton, Elaine, Jim, and Michelle were spot on with Wales while Joani and Mike were so close. . .

"Mont St. Michel"

From Paris there was an all-day excursion to see Mont St. Michel - the island community in Normandy. We booked it! Throughout the year there are forty-four full-time residents living in Mont St. Michel. In the course of a year some three million tourists will make the pilgrimage here - I think most of those three million were there the day we visited!

As you may guess, the structure was a strategic location since ancient times. Beginning in the 8th century, it was the seat of the Mont St. Michel monastery.  

Not too long ago visitors took their chances with the tides as they walked from the mainland to the island. Today a bridge and a shuttle make the trek less stressful. 

Getting Older?

"The older I get, 
the better I used to be!"

   ~ Lee Trevino

Where in the World?

Here are some interesting facts about various countries of the world. Just where would I be?

It gained its independence from the British Empire in 1970 after 96 years as a British colony.

It shares marine boundaries with Vanuatu to the west, New Caledonia to the southwest, Kermadec to the southeast, Tonga to the east, American Samoa, Samoa and Wallis and Futuna to the northeast and Tuvalu to the north.

It has a population of around nine hundred thousand (896,758) as of 2013.

There are 322 islands and over 500 small islets.

Major industries are tourism and sugar. Exports also include garments, gold, timber and fish.

Also a major tourist location, with its white sandy beaches, beautiful islands, all-year-round tropical weather and stunning coral reefs.

One of its most successful sports figure is professional golfer Vijay Singh, winner of three major championships.

Interesting Fact. . .

Where did the custom of shaking hands originate? 
One such theory was in ancient times 
strangers shook hands 
to show that they were unarmed.   

Leaving on a humorous note, I hope!

They begin the evening news with 'Good Evening,' 
then proceed to tell you why it isn't.