Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Hundred Twenty - "Architecturally Yours"

I am NOT going to miss typing out this April title! 

The third building, the North Easton Train Station, was designed by H. H. Richardson in 1881 and added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1972. Currently, it houses the Historical Society. 

Ending the month on a positive note were EMO (welcome back), Michelle, Joyce, Milt, and Peter (welcome back as well).

As has been my usual sign-off to each month (and, I'm getting better at doing them), here is a compilation of April's Architecture.
Thanx and enjoy. . .

 How many do you see? 

Oh, what's happening for May? Check back with me on Thursday!

Monday, April 29, 2013

One Hundred Nineteen - "Architecturally Yours"

Yes, it was a balcony (Tony, Mike P., Peyton, Milt, Mike Di., Phil, and Joyce) but not just any old one. This brick structure is located on the side of the Oakes Ames Memorial Hall in Easton, MA. It was built in 1881 as a gift from the children of Congressman Oakes Ames to the town. H. H. Richardson was the architect with Frank L. Olmstead planning the landscaping. Listed on the National Historical Register. . .

Memorial Hall is next door to another Richardson building - the Ames Free Library. One impressive library - inside and out!

Ames Free Library – completed in 1879 but not opened until 1883. Architect was Richardson with sculptor, August Saint-Gaudens providing stone and bronze medallions of Oliver Ames.

Onto today's architectural masterpiece completing the triple play in Easton with H. H. Richardson. . .

Sunday, April 28, 2013

One Hundred Eighteen - "Architecturally Yours"

Okay, no more Howdy Doody trivia! The Native American was Chief Thunderthud (Joyce, Peyton, and Michelle) and he belonged to the Ooragnak Tribe - kangaroo spelled backwards (Michelle, Peyton, and Joyce). I also know that he was the ONLY Native American to be portrayed on TV with a mustache! And the Chief coined the word, "Cowabunga" - not that annoying cartoon character in the Simpson Family!

Based on your observations, what would this structure be called. It's that simple!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Hundred Seventeen - "Architecturally Yours"

So many correct on that rusty steel girder - it was from the NY Towers devastated by 9/11. As it was told to me, fire departments could go to a specified site and take back with them a piece of the steel from the towers. I think you were limited by what you could fit onto your vehicle and how heavy it was. This piece is in front of the WB Fire Department is awaiting a final place of honor to be completed. Phil, Milt, Michelle, Tony, Peyton, Beth (welcome back), and Joyce had it correct. Mike Di had chosen a site too far south to earn points.

Here's a very easy architectural piece found in the next town over. I know you know what it is so I've reached deeply into my trivia bag to further handicap you!

I told you that you would recognize this so to qualify as responding correctly - let's go back to my Howdy Doody days and ask the name of the male Native American on the show. He had a unique look to him as well. And, the third part is can you name the tribe to which he belonged? I can hear Google being checked as I type this! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

One Hundred Sixteen - "Architecturally Yours"

There are two War Memorial Walls in Washington. The vietnam Wall lists all of the names of those who were killed in that war while the Korean one has incredible pictures etched into it. The there are the dozen or so sculpted soldiers in the field in front of it.

The story is in their faces! Well, Phil, Milt, Peyton, and Joyce knew the korean War!

So on to #116 - 

That's it the rusted piece of metal that was architecture. . .

Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Hundred Fifteen - "Architecturally Yours"

I have spoken to a couple of our regular responders the past few days and they have not been guessing for fear they are wrong or they just don't know. I trust I have not embarrassed anyone who threw out an incorrect answer. Let's not forget, this Challenge was never about you - it's always been about me:) so take a wild guess, look it up, just let me know you are still out there!! Mike Di., Peyton, and Milt knew all about the significance of the Gold Stars while Phil did notice they were stars.

So the Wall of gold Stars can be found in the WWII Memorial. There are just over FOUR THOUSAND GOLD STARS on this wall. Each star represents ONE HUNDRED Servicemen who lost their lives in this war!

There are two walls associated with War Memorials in DC. Here is one of them, which war does is memorialize?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Hundred Fourteen - "Architecturally Yours"

Yep, that was none other than Thomas Jefferson standing tall in his memorial building. I wonder if Lincoln were standing if he'd be taller than Tom?? Well, congrats to all who answered - no wrong guesses - Michael K, Michelle, Joyce, Mike Di., and Phil!

Jefferson Memorial

So onto to #114. . .

This wall is featured in one of the War Memorial areas. Any idea what is on the wall and what do they mean??

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Hundred Thirteen - "Architecturally Yours". . .

The Massachusetts seal (only Peyton had this) with the date 1788 (Michael K., Carol, Peyton, Mike Di.,  and Milt knew the Roman Numerals) is actually the state featured in the center of the Lincoln Memorial!

I know it's kind of small so take my word and Peyton's!

As all of you know it's a seated Lincoln inside his memorial so who is this standing President, then??

Monday, April 22, 2013

One Hundred Twelve - "Architecturally Yours". . .

That classic castle is really the info center for the Smithsonian Institute. The architecture within the building was as amazing as the artifacts that it holds! Got a few minutes, read up on John Smithson. What an incredible story! Hats off to Milt, Peyton, Michelle, Mike Di., and Joyce.

Although I have returned from DC, I have a few more structures to share with you. I hope you don't mind - after all it is MY challenge!

I was in DC when the Marathon Bombing happened, so what better tribute to a great city and state than this? Now, where might this state name be found? Double points if you know the date featured as well! It has a most prominent spot!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Hundred Eleven - "Architecturally Yours". . .

There are two sets of spiral staircases in the U. S. Supreme Court Building. They are free-standing and made of marble. Unfortunately, the only view you get is of one of them and that is limited to a cordoned off area about two feet by two feet. You had to be a contortionist to get any picture of it at all! Mike Di knows his DC landmarks with several others offering great guesses.

So on to #111 - there is a castle, this castle on the Mall in DC. We know it is not home to any royalty. What is it's function???

FYI - its interior architecture is as impressive as what is inside.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Hundred Ten - "Architecturally Yours". . .

Mea culpa on #109. I should have explained more precisely as to what I was looking for. Here are the original memorials

Top left - WW II                 Top right - Vietnam Women's
Bottom Left - Korean          Bottom right - Vietnam Soldiers
These were all super-imposed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Mike P., Michelle, and Joyce gave it a go! Not sure what happened to the rest of my posse???

This building has two spiral staircases with only one open for public viewing but not to be walked on. They rise five stories! Do you know the DC building?

Friday, April 19, 2013

One Hundred Nine - "Architecturally Yours". . .

You certainly came up with some very creative answers to # One - O - Eight! Spider's web? Dome of the Library of Congress?? Glass bulb??? Nah, it was the screen of the planetarium for the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum!

So for One Hundred Nine, I put together a compilation of five (5) images of  four War Memorials. Can you name them? 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Hundred Eight - "Architecturally Yours". . .

The memorials in DC have been well thought out covering the man, the event, or the era in such great detail. The variety of materials and settings added to their uniqueness. FDR was the man featured - Mike P., Phil, Joyce, Joani, and Mike Di got the man. Peyton is awarded half-credit for adding Al Capone to his guesses!

If you want to succeed in this one - look up!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Hundred Seven - "Architecturally Yours"

The Newseum in Washington, DC is a must-do! The artifacts on display were unbelievable! Yesterday's Challenge was one of those unique pieces - the largest section of the Berlin Wall on display  outside of Germany! Mike Di., Michael K., Mike P., Michelle, Peyton, Joyce, and Phil were on the mark!

Washington is a treasure trove of memorials. I walked through several today and was amazed at the uniqueness in displaying the event or person as well as the materials used. Here is one 

This was one section of a series of dioramas depicting this man's accomplishments. Can you name the man???

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day One Hundred Six - "Architecturally Yours". . .

At the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station on the Outer Banks, this strange roof structure was used to train rescuers. The rescue boat would sail out to the distressed ship and fire a rope to be used to connect a life saving boat to it. The roof structure is the same length and height as the ones on the boats. Good guesses from Joyce, Michelle, Ted, Milt, and Peyton.

For today I have a section of a wall whose surface is covered with graffiti. The backside of this surface is totally devoid of any markings. Any idea where this famous wall may have been??

Monday, April 15, 2013

Day One Hundred Five - "Architecturally Yours". . .

Mother Nature's ability to design these beautiful structures is uncanny. As one responder (Ted) put it so cleverly, "Is she a Design Landscape Architect?" This year's Cherry Blossom Festival in DC ran slightly behind schedule which was fortunate for me. I was able to see about five of these throughout the area. Peyton, Tony, Michael K., Carol, Ted, Joani, Joyce, and Mike Di to recognize these classic trees. 

For #105, I need you to look at this odd structure at the top of this life saving structure and fathom (good pun) a good guess as to its purpose.

It's at the top of this building for a very good reason.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day One Hundred Four - "Architecturally Yours". . .

What is it about the Cape Hatteras Light that makes it so memorable? It must have something to do with the black swirl!

Earning their light keepers badges - Phil, Peyton, Milt, Tony, Mike Di., Ted, Michelle, and Michael K.

And, now for the most perfect architect capable of punching out numerous designs of varying sizes. Just what is her creation. . . 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day One Hundred Three - "Architecturally Yours". . .

I thought the outside structures would remind you of the inner workings of a ship - hence, the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum! Milt nailed even the actual name while Peyton, Michelle, Tony, Pete, Mike Di., Joani, and Joyce figured it had something to do with boats.

For today, an easy one. This is a classic lighthouse easily identified by its unique markings - just name it . . .


Friday, April 12, 2013

Day One Hundred Two - "Architecturally Yours". . .

I do LOVE lighthouses! I got a chance to see four more on this trek - Currituck, Bodie, Cape Hatteras, and Roanoke Marsh Light. The spiral staircase was from the insides of Currituck. Quite a few of you thought a lighthouse - Phil, Michelle, Carol, Peyton, Milt, Ted, and Michael K. while another good guess was a spiral staircase (Tony and Pete) and good effort from Deana, EMO, and Joani. Here is the outside of it:

This architectural structure houses a museum for what? Look carefully at it. . .

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day One Hundred One - "Architecturally Yours". . .

The monument was dedicated to the genius of the Wright Brothers! Here it is lit at night. . .

what did you think of that fact about only sixty-six years between the first flight to the moon landing?? Flying wings awarded to Milt, Michelle, Micheal K., Deana, Ted, Carol, Tony, and Mike Di. There was a guess of another genius Wright - Frank Lloyd!

An easier one for #One-O-One all you have to do is tell me where this picture would have been taken. No need to get specific. . .

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day One Hundred! - "Architecturally Yours". . .

Another milestone for yours truly - my one hundredth photo posting. Special tip of the lens cap to you for following along! As for that hangar, we had some very thoughtful answers - Spruce Goose, Spirit of St. Louis, and the Wright Brothers' plane. Since I am on the Outer Banks and this hangar did look pretty small - those who were in the Wright Brothers' camp are correct - Peyton, Michael K., Michelle, Steph, and Mike Di. Honorable Mention to Phil, Joani, and Joyce.

This $2.5 million replica of the original sits in the museum. An amazing factoid I picked up at the museum, "It was ONLY sixty-six years from the Wright Bros flight to Armstrong's walk on the moon!" Hard to believe!!

Here's #100 - monument honoring the genius of. . .

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day Ninety-nine - "Architecturally Yours". . .

You make me so proud to call you my blog-mates! Yes, it was a marquee! I saw it on the front of a building in downtown Gettysburg. Way to go - some of you nailed it while others were soooo close: Milt, Deana, Phil, Carol, Vicky, Tony, Steph, Ted, Michael K., Michelle, Joyce, and Peyton.

I can't believe this is my 99th posting and what's more unbelievable is that all of you are still hanging in there with me!

This is a replica of probably the MOST FAMOUS HANGAR in the world. Can you tell what was housed in this building? Remember, it's a hangar. . .

Monday, April 8, 2013

Day Ninety-eight - "Architecturally Yours". . .

Okay, maybe that was a little tough. The shaker-type building houses one of the four paintings of “Pickett’s Charge” originally painted by Paul Philippoteaux in the 1880s. But only two survived – the Boston and Chicago versions. Boston’s was purchased for display in Gettysburg. In 2008 a new building to house the three-ton painting was completed. The painting measures 359’ long and 42’ high! Here is one picture from the overall scene. It is an amazing take-in. . .

We had good guesses from Michelle (machinery), Tony (animals), Mike Di (cows), Phil (trains), Ted (tall ship), and Joani (military).

Let's see if I can ease up with this one

Yeh, you got this one!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day Ninety-seven - "Architecturally Yours". . .

Correct on the non-edible being "gingerbread!" We did have two guesses for "apples" so I have our esteemed panel of judges looking into them. I did include the "apple" responders in this group - Peyton, Michael K., Joyce, Joani, Phil, Ted, Tony, Carol, Michelle, H. G. T., and Mike Di.

Here is the full gingerbread shot as seen in downtown Gettysburg!

As for today's, here is the building. Focus on the upper area (barnboard red section) and try to determine what might be housed there. It weighs a mere three tons, it's 375' long and about 42' high. It was originally in Boston back in the 1880s.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day Ninety-six - "Architecturally Yours" . . .

As I mentioned the steeple under all of that scaffolding will be a mere 185-feet high! It will also be the largest Thai Temple outside of Thailand and it is being built on the Raynham / Taunton line. Everyone saw the scaffolding and many of you noticed the steeple: 
Milt, Phil, Deana, Michael K., Mike Di., Michelle, Peyton, Joani, Carol, Vicky, Ted, and Tony.

This is not the edible kind. . .

Friday, April 5, 2013

Day Ninety-five - "Architecturally Yours" . . .

The Skyhawks are the teams from Stonehill College in Easton, MA. I have volunteered with many of these students over the past ten years. Rah! Rah!! EMO, Mike P., Phil, Deana, Michael K., Michelle, Carol, Ted, Joani, Peyton, Joyce, Tony, Milt,  and Mike Di.
The stadium seats from W. B. Mason Field. . .

This next piece of architecture is wrapped in another amazing feature of architecture!

The overall structure is a marvel to see - more details tomorrow!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day Ninety-four - "Architecturally yours" . . .

Where you surprised at the amount of money that was thrown into wishing wells each year - FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! I was. Granting their wishes, I have EMO, Peyton, Milt, Tony, Deana, Mike P., Mike Di., Joani, Phil, and Joyce.

For my next architectural piece, you'll need to join me, "Give me an S, give me a K, give me a Y, give me an H, now an A, and a W, and another K and finally an S! What have we got???

Go Skyhawks!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day Ninety-three - "Architecturally Yours". . .

Well done my fine faithful followers! It was a covered bridge located in the WB Town Park. It's for foot traffic.

Good guesses from Steph, Ted, and Joani while Carol, Phil, Joyce, Peyton, Tony, Michelle, Michael K., and Mike Di nailed it!

This one is so easy that I decided to not only give you a glimpse but also to blur it some. Here's a hint, it is estimated that over $5,000,000 is recovered from these each year!