Saturday, November 30, 2013

# 331 - "Patterned by Nature"

Too much turkey yesterday made me miss adding long-time regular EMO to the list of correct responders for the butterfly on Thursday.

As for those stripes - a zebra (Mike Di., EMO, Carol, Michael P., Michael K., Tony, Joyce, Phil,  Joani, and Doris), of course. I'm sure Peyton knew the answer but tried to be too cute with his 26 sizes larger than an "A cup!" Mike Di asked, are they black horses with white stripes or the other way around? 

Here is another type of zebra - two legged!

These "zebras" are the flight controllers for the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. No balloon launches without their command.

Last pattern for November is one of the prettiest in nature. . . 

Bonus Image

This is the "Road to Needles" - you can see the towering rock walls on both sides of this road.

Friday, November 29, 2013

# 330 - "Patterned by Nature"

Well, I hope your day was as fulfilling as mine! I had the opportunity to spend time with my wife's sister's husband, my wife's sister's daughter, my wife's sister's son, and my wife's sister today. My wife, my daughter and I did not leave hungry!

As for yesterday's challenge - a clean sweep as everyone who responded knew it was a butterfly - Michael K., Mike Di., Michael P., Tony, Michelle, EMO, Carol, Phil, Peyton, Joyce, Mrs. Beth, Joani, and Milt!

Just a couple more patterns to go. . . 

Since most of you are recuperating from Turkey Day, I thought I wouldn't test your mind too hard!

Bonus Image

This is what greets you as you drive into Capitol Reef National Park. Not a bad invite!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

# 329 - "Patterned by Nature"

It was the hide of a reptilian - a gator - as noted by Michael P., Mike Di., Phil, Carol, Tony, and Joani. Peyton got credit for his snake skin answer!

These are not the drapes in our living room!

Happy Thanksgiving

and a 

Happy Hanukkah!

Bonus Image

"The Married Couple" from Goblin Valley!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

# 328 - "Patterned by Nature"

Another one that didn't challenge any of you as Michelle, Joyce, Michael P., Carol, EMO, Phil, Peyton,, Joani, Tony, and Mike Di all nailed it! It was water (ice) on a leaf (lotus).

I'm guessing this won't be much of a challenge, either!

Bonus Image

What looks like an abstract is really a monochromatic shot of the inside of Upper Antelope Slot Canyon at night. The striations caught my eye!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

# 327 - "Patterned by Nature"

Pollen (Michael P.)? A leaf (Joani)? Fur (Phil)? A rug (Michelle, Deana, Milt, and Joyce)? A starfish (Tony)? All great guesses for this image -  

 Or a frog in a wheat field (Peyton)! How about a sand dollar? Let's go with the latter. . .

You were certainly thinking outside - way outside - the box on the sand dollar. How creative can you get with this obvious pattern. I'm looking for some ingenuity on your part. . .

Bonus Image

This is "Double Arch" as seen in Arches National Park.

Monday, November 25, 2013

# 326 - "Patterned by Nature"

Sand, it was but for the life of me, I'm not sure where it came from! I know, I mentioned the sandbox at the playground but I was lying! We did have several exotic locations suggested. Maybe I could pick one for my next trek?? Thanks for playing along - Michael P., Michelle, Mike Di., EMO, Phil, Joyce, Tony, Milt, and Peyton.

Ready for the challenge?

And, no it's not a marijuana plant growing in the sandbox!

Bonus Image

There are two sections for Canyonlands National Park. The northern part is called, "Island in the Sky" while the southern half is known as, "The Needles." I found the "Island" area less interesting as you looked into a large canyon. There was a walk along the rim where I found this pine growing out of the rock.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

# 325 - "Patterned by Nature"

As one dedicated blog-follower (Mike Di) mentioned, those were the feathers of an ALBINO peacock! Nearly everyone (Michael P., Michelle, EMO, Tony, Peyton, Joani, and Joyce) noticed they were peacock feathers BUT we did have one (Carol) snowy egret.

Sorry about this one but there aren't a lot of choices. . .

Okay, then, name where I found this!

Bonus Image

My FIRST sandstorm and it was red sand at that! I actually drove through this twice as the directions I had found me going the wrong way! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

# 324 - "Patterned by Nature"

Well done on the challenge as it was broken ice (as if someone walked through a large puddle or a shallow pond). Correctly answered were Carol, Michael K., Phil, Tony, Joani, Peyton, Mike Di., and Joyce!

Also, thanks to those who shared their memories of where they were fifty years ago on November 22nd:

Carol:I was home with my then 9 mo old son - I had TV on - was glued to TV for days, also saw the live broadcast of Jack Ruby shooting Oswald.

Tony: “50 years ago, I was in the 3rd grade and we were released early  from school when the news of JFK being shot came on the news. I knew it was big news when we watched it on TV and I was upset the next day when my Saturday morning cartoons were replaced with the ongoing news coverage on all three major channels.

Michelle: “I was in the high school office on an errand for our Math teacher and when I went back to class and told what I heard he was furious with me thinking I was trying to play a mean joke when the announcement came over the PA system. Total silence ran through the school the only sounds were people crying. Most of us were in shock and disbelief. 

Michael P.: “At my locker at East Boston High School! Dismissed early.  Walked home to witness so many adults crying in the streets.  So very sad!

Joani:I was working in the equipment room at Mankato State College and being a grad student.

EMO:I was rehearsing for my Senior Class Play in the auditorium of the K - 12 school in my hometown in the U.P.  We never did do a performance of the play either.

Joyce: “I was seven years old when Pres. Kennedy was killed.

I remember my mother coming home from shopping and she was crying, I asked her why she was crying and she said because the president was killed. Of course being just seven years old I didn't realize the gravity of the situation.  I just remember my parents being really sad.

Let's get an easy and uplifting challenge out for today. . .

And, for my Bonus Image - also an uplifting one that I shot when in Maine a few weeks ago

I wonder what the guys from American Pickers would pay for this?

Friday, November 22, 2013

# 323 - "Patterned by Nature"

It was a fruit (Carol) but not a peach (Michael K., Michelle, and Michael P.). It was an apple (Milt, Tony, Joani, Liz, Mike Di., Joyce, Peyton, and Mrs. Vicky).

For Freaky Friday:

Where were you fifty years ago today? Share your whereabouts. . .

As for me, I was washing the windows of our first floor neighbor, Marion McCloud. I had the radio on to wile away the time when the DJ broke in with the startling news. I had all I could do to climb in through the window and tell my mother and Marion who were sitting in the kitchen. We turned on the TV - I never did get back to those windows. . .

What about you???

Thursday, November 21, 2013

# 322 - "Patterned by Nature"

That scaly pattern was actually a turtle as Phil, Deana, Peyton, Tony, and Michael P. figured out. Only Michael K. answered the second question as to why Goblin Valley was in the news - scout leaders toppled one of the hoodoos.

Here's your next challenge:

And, let's keep it clean as this is a family blog!

Bonus Image

This is called, "The Priest and the Nuns" - you have to wonder what the Native Americans were drinking or smoking when the naming games started????

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

# 321 - "Patterned by Nature"

Too easy, eh? Unfortunately, most of the patterns I could find by nature were flowers or leaves. so you got another flower! Winning the bouquet were Michelle, Michael K., Michael P., Peyton, Joyce, Tony, Deana, and Phil.

Not a flower or a leaf!

Bonus Image

This is "Goblin Valley." In the past few weeks this Utah State Park made the news, do you know why?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

# 320 - "Patterned by Nature"

Fern, frond, leaf! What's in a name? Deana, Michelle, Carol, Phil, Peyton, Tony, Joani, Milt, and Mrs. Vicky came up with one of those names.

I know, too easy! I really racked my brain to find challenging patterns to post but I found many of these and leaves. Hey, it is a pattern, and it is done by nature, and, need I remind you that this is MY blog!

Bonus Image

There is a story to go with this Bonus Image. Yesterday I was sharing it online with the couple with whom I shared the photo tour in Monument Valley. Our guide, Clint, for some reason made sure we not only shot this dead tree from several angles but he wanted copies of it. It turns out earlier in the afternoon he scoped out the area and thought the vista needed something - a dead tree! He did put it back in its proper place when we left. Come to think of it no one but Bruce and I got this shot!

Monday, November 18, 2013

# 319 - "Patterned by Nature"

Tomato as most of you (Carol, Michael P., Deana, Phil, Joani, Tony, Mrs. Beth, Ann B., and Mike Di.) figured out. Also getting credit for knowing it was a fruit - Michelle, Peyton, and Joyce.

Remember yesterday's Bonus Image - the petroglyphs? 

Well, Eagle Eye Ann B. noticed a similarity with another famous character 

from Dr. Seuss!

Let's get to today's. . .

This should be a no-brainer for all of you!

Bonus Image

I call this, "Playing Through" - the entire sculpture was made from various parts of golf clubs - except for his hat.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

# 318 - "Patterned by Nature"

Here's the entire lotus bud as a few were wondering about it. . .

I did have one of our highest feedbacks in a while - Deana, Milt, Phil, #1 Cheerleader, EMO, Michael K., Carol, Tony, Mike Di., Michael P., Michelle, Joyce, and Joani. A few were able to ID the flower as a lotus while the rest of you knew it was a floral. With the Esteemed Panel of Judges off this weekend, I decided to honor anything that was reasonable - sorry, Steve, I in all good conscience could not accept "Le Mans Racetrack!"

What's hanging around for today?

Bonus Image

"Petroglyphs from Mystery Valley" These Native American symbols were seen on many walls. There were a few places where I needed someone else to pinpoint their actual spot. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

# 317 - "Patterned by Nature"

Quite the creative group out there! I got Holstein cow, rug, linen for a door, purse, corn maze, animal hide, leopard, and a giraffe!

EMO, Deana, Phil, Tony, Joani, Michelle, Peyton, Michael K., and Mike Di were among our sharp followers. And,  a special tip of the lens cap to HGT as he recognized the weather vane as Howard Johnson's. Good Old Art was a trainee back when they were quite the popular place for an ice cream.

What might this dainty image be???

Bonus Image

This is Rattlesnake Slot Canyon. Yes, I made sure its name had nothing to do with the common snake of these parts. Rattlesnake because of its twisting and turning openings. There wasn't much clearance when I tried to squeeze through them!

Friday, November 15, 2013

# 316 - "Patterned by Nature"

My twofer kind of snuck up on a few of you - you got the knot but missed on the fungi! That was the case with Phil, EMO, Deana, Michael K., Carol, Peyton, Joani, Joyce, Tony, and Mike Di. Mrs. Vicky did not read the whole blog!

There are a couple of possibilities here. How many can you come up with???

Bonus Image

Remember the month of "Vanity-fair?" Well, look what I found when I was in Maine. . .

Do you know what business had this on top of their stores??

Thursday, November 14, 2013

# 315 - "Patterned by Nature"

Another great round of interesting guesses - it was the center of a sunflower (Deana, Mrs. Beth, Tony, Peyton, and Joyce). Carol thought it was a flower while Phil went with sea urchin. Mike Di was leaning toward water dripping. And, no guess from Michael K.

So onto to the next patterned by nature. . .

Yeh, too easy. So how about a twofer?

Bonus Image

"Turret Arch" from Arches N. P.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

# 314 - "Patterned by Nature"

What a sharp group I have out there - the guesses were great! Sadly, I have no idea what the three holes were from. I saw them in the flats outside of Victoria, BC. I liked to think they were the results of a prehistoric three-toed sloth. But geyser holes (Mrs. Beth and Peyton), mud pots (Milt), barnacles (Deana), Michael P. (sulphur pits), Michael K. (elephant toes), with Phil's "small craters in silica formed by the residue of sulfuric acid dissolving the top strata of surface stone" was the most creative.

No, I didn't forget you, Tony. But if you insist?? A bad case of acne from too much chocolate!

Let's everyone try to get this one:

Bonus Image

When the national parks were shuttered, the state parks welcomed me with open arms. This is Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Kanab, UT.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

# 313 - "Patterned by Nature"

Well, they were tracks. Mike Di thinks they were beetle and that's good enough for me. But no one saw the second pattern in the shot -  the ridges made by the sand! Well getting a silver star for yesterday would be Michelle, Mike Di., EMO, Michael K., Peyton, Phil, and Tony. Here it is again. . .

See those great patterns along the top????

Let's see if you can redeem yourself on today's

I can't wait to see what shows up in my response box. . .

Bonus Image

This was one of the pullouts along Interstate 70 in Utah.

Added Bonus

I finished adding images from the Southwest to my website - if interested go to  www.
and click on the title image. In the upper right corner click on "slideshow," there should be music accompanying the slideshow.

Monday, November 11, 2013

# 312 - "Patterned by Nature"

Well, it either a butterfly or a moth or even a peacock feather - who's going to dicker with fellow photo followers! So, Michelle, Carol, Phil, Michael K., Mike Di., Peyton, Doris, and Tony all came through!

Let's see if I have one that's a little more challenging. . .

Remembering Veteran's Day

Thanking all who served. . .

Sunday, November 10, 2013

# 311 - "Patterned by Nature"

Dried-up red clay was the correct response to yesterday's image as figured out by EMO, Phil, Tony, Michael K., Deana, and Mike Di.

No hints on this one as it is REALLY an easy one!

Bonus Image

"The Organ" - Arches National Park

Saturday, November 9, 2013

# 310 - "Patterned by Nature"

Yes, it was a rotted out tree trunk! One follower, who shall remain anonymous, went as far as calling it a Cape Cod Maple tree! So thanks for playing along - Carol, Phil, MILT, Joyce, Peyton, and Tony!

If it was green, I would have accepted the Hulk's skin!

Bonus Image

Some kid was the envy of his neighborhood friends tooling around on this "rocket bike!"