Sunday, June 30, 2013

# 181 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

 "Vane-ity Fair!"

It’s worth repeating, these monthly challenges have opened up my eyes to the world around me. May’s signage, February’s antiquing alphabet, and March’s numerology have challenged me to look beyond the obvious. As I wrap up my twenty-nine towns in twenty-nine days, I have become aware of the offerings of the communities around me – both historically and economically. The research, although time-consuming – has been rewarding. Looking at the responses, you appeared to stick with me and do a little “Googling” or “Binging” to seek me out.

As I looked around at these historical sites, July’s challenge appeared. I was totally amazed at the variety of weather vanes that are affixed to homes, churches, commercial properties, and historical buildings.

So for the next thirty days, I’m asking you to hang in there and enjoy the creativity and, in some cases, the symbolism behind these works of art.

A little historical background these devices are the oldest forms of weather forecasting. They were used as early as 1500 BC! Back in the 9th century roosters were attached to the tops of Catholic churches to symbolize Peter’s denial of Christ.

As you will see during the month of July, there are many reasons behind the weathervane that is atop that structure.

So start to look up, check out what has been there right along, and enjoy. . .

 So for your first challenge, which of these terms is not a synonym for a weathervane:

wind vanes
wind socks

Saturday, June 29, 2013

# 180 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

Thanks to all of you, I am here anxiously awaiting my July Challenge. Yesterday was a Hull of a place as noted by Mariann, Peyton, Milt, Michelle, Michael K., Tony, Carol, Joyce, Mrs. Beth, Mike Di., Mike P., Deana, and welcome to first time responder, Jim P. (who lives in Hull). 

As is customary, here is my final entry for June - a compilation of the towns we visited! 

Pretty neat, er no????

Friday, June 28, 2013

# 179 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

As you saw, Hingham is a town filled with history as witnessed by this mile marker in front of the Old Ship Church. Being the halfway mark between Plymouth and Boston, it would have been a popular stopping place for travelers. Thanks to Peyton, Mariann, Milt, Carol, Joyce, Tony, Michael K., Mrs. Beth, and Mike Di for joining me there.

One last town before I wrap up this month's challenge. Are you ready???

Life Saving Stations were the forerunners to our current Coast Guard. This station has its roots back to 1889. Here there is a museum as well.

Typical of any high grounds - a fort was built. Originally called Fort Independence (1775), Fort Revere is the victim of neglect and vandalism.

The tower at Ft. Revere

This beautiful home is really the town's library! Built in 1913.

And, the hometown of the founder of Johnny Cupcakes started here in 2005! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

# 178 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

Well, that glow you see is not from that Baird-McGuire Plant in Holbrook, it's about the number of you (Michelle, Deana, Steph, Joyce, Mrs. Beth, Mariann, Michael K., Milt, Peyton, Tony, Carol, and Mike Di.) who knew where I was!

This used to be a five leaf clover before the plant began its operations!

As the end of the month draws near, I will miss this challenge. Maybe I should track down the remaining 324 towns in MA? Only a few left. . .

One of my favorite places to walk my daughter's dog!

Derby Academy dates back to 1784 making it the oldest co-ed institution in the U. S.

New North Church 1807

St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church began in the 1820s with the current stone facility built in 1919

Old Ship Church had its beginnings in 1681 making it the oldest church in continuous ecclesiastical use in the U. S. Also, the only remaining 17th Century Puritan Meetinghouse in U. S.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

# 177 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

Makes a bloggist proud how you came through with a very difficult search and rescue of me. There weren't any great sites to help you along but did that deter you? No, you found a way to get to me! Thanks to Deana, Mariann, Michelle, Michael K., Milt, Mike Di., Peyton, Joyce, and Mrs. Beth.

A few EASY clues for this one, really!!

Town Hall original wooden structure of 1873 burned in 1877

Roberts School (1872) one-room until 1979 now a pre-school

Baird McGuire Site 1912 – 1983
Chemical plant deemed one of the top ten WORST polluted sites in America!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#176 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

Well, you can thank me later for adding the South Shore Music Circus to the Cohasset mix!  Mike P., Milt, Michael K., Mariann, Michelle, Peyton, Deana, Mike Di., Carol, Joyce, Mrs. Beth, and Tony all came through!

This could be a tough one, so get your link to Google, or Bing ready.

Train Station 1888 only one in US with a working clock! Stone came the town's West Street Quarries.

Town Hall built in 1881

I have driven by this building hundreds of times and finally found a reason to stop and shoot it. This is the town's waterworks.

Town's Musical Society 1786 – oldest in U. S.
Niccola Sacco (of the Sacco/Vanzetti fame) worked in a shoe factory in this town when the crime occurred in Braintree.
"Town Pizza" is THE place to go for pizza in the area!

Not a lot of help here, sorry. . .

Monday, June 24, 2013

#175 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

Must be the lazy days of summer kicking in as about two-thirds of my following faithful responded. Or maybe, just maybe, I found a tough one. . .

Not too hard for Carol, Michael K., Mariann, Milt, Joyce, Mike Di., Tony, Mrs. Beth, Peyton, and returning from an unexcused absence, Deana!

I was out in the hazy, hot, and humid weather late this afternoon shooting this town. . .

Maritime Museum and Samuel Bates House 1760

Captain John Wilson House 1810 

Still having a problem? Then this one should help you to find me!

South Shore Music Circus where Bob Hope, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ginger Rogers, Victor Borge, Benny Goodman, and Pearl Bailey (among hundreds of others) graced this stage!

This is one of only two continuously operated tent theaters in the round in the U. S. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

#174 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

Well done! Hanson it was! The other half of the Whitman-Hanson Regional Schools. Checking in were Michelle, Milt, Mariann, Mike Di., Joyce, Tony, Michael K., Mrs. Beth, and Peyton!

Where to today? Nah, been there already. Possibly there. . .
no wait, how about this one?

 Depot 1894 designed by H. H. Richardson 

First Baptist Church 1887

Not much to Google yet!

          Dyer Memorial Library 1932 

Still stuck, then theses will get you where I am!

John L. Sullivan buried died here
Timberland Shoes developed by the this town's Shoe Company

Good luck. . .

Saturday, June 22, 2013

#173 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

You certainly got the 

Nice going, Milt, Mike Di., Michelle, Michael K., Mike P., Mariann, Mrs. Beth, Tony, and Joyce!

No more Mr. Nice Guy for today's. . .

"The Needles" was the summer home for the Burrages of Boston in 1905 but burned to the ground. and rebuilt in1908. Sold property to the Kiwanis of Boston and Camp Fire Girls in 1923. 

Camp Kiwanis became Camp Kiwanee (spirit of joy and youth)  in 1957

Cranland Airport currently the home to EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) which opens its one runway on the third Sunday of the month for a fly-in! Gotta love their weather forecasting board!

And, here's Miss Sadie from my archives. . .

Friday, June 21, 2013

#172 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

So how many of you broke out a glass of milk and the chocolate chip cookies in honor of Ruth Wakefield? No cookies and milk on my part but I'm still toasting Mrs. Beth, Mike P., Michael K., Mike Di., Michelle, Mariann, EMO, Pete, Tony, Peyton, Milt, and Steph!

I had a wonderful day today combining a little business with a lot of camera pleasure. I won't need to post any clues as these images will speak for themselves. . . 

The other (smaller version) milk bottle!

The Custom House

It's Fenway Fanny!

Harbor Skyline

See no need to enhance these images as you KNOW where I was!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

#171 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

Avon was calling and Mike P., Mike Di., Peyton, Milt, Michelle, EMO, Mrs. Beth, Joyce, Mariann, Michael K., and Tony answered! Did I mention that Jordan's Furniture has duplicated the original blueberry muffin recipe from Jordan Marsh? Pricey but tasty!

Avon also gets my vote for best town sign!! 

Enough talk of calories - well, after I get this one out of the way. . .

If it weren't for the Toll House Inn, chocolate chip cookies would not be! Ruth Graves Wakefield invented them here (Toll House Cookies). The Inn burned down in 1984 and the only memory is this sign - other than the chocolate chip cookies she left us with!

From 1968 to 1994, King's Castle Land amused many small children and their parents.  

Now apartments, this huge factory employed over 600 people when it was the Commonwealth Shoe Factory!

The Regional High School for this town and its neighbor was spearheaded by a real class act who recently left this world - Dr. John McEwan!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#170 - "Where's Waldo, er Joe?"

You guys are GOOOOOOD! Another town with 100% correct answers! Carver was where I was at - along with Mike P., Carol, Mariann, Michelle, Milt, Mrs. Beth, Joyce, Tony, Mike D., Pete, EMO, and Michael K. We had a couple of Edaville memories of the times when there was no heat on those open passenger cars!

Here's a fun little town. . .

Made my list for this town as it now houses the "Enchanted Village" which debuted in Jordan Marsh back in 1958 . Several years ago it was homeless until Jordan's stepped in. A great take-in during Christmas!

Baptist Church 1848 

Samuel Robbins House 1820 home of a local sea captain