Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day Fifty-eight - "Shooting the Alphabet"

Thanks to all of you I am able to cross another month off my yearly challenge - only ten months left! February was an extremely challenging (pun intended) month as I think I tried to do too much. I did enjoy your daily dose of guesses on the image and the trivia.

So here is my gift to all of you, it's a compilation of February's Challenges. I think you'll agree that I'm getting better at this end-of-the-month pix.

If you look closely, you will see many of the Letter Challenges. If you'd like a larger version, let me know.

"Z" was a Zenith Radio as many of you ( Phil, EMO, Michael K., Tony, Peyton, Mike Di., Maeve, Milt, Joani, Michelle, and Joyce) had figured out.

I am awarding a Masters in Trivia to all of you for an outstanding month of brain thumpers - yesterday's correct answers were:
Closer you shave was the Take it off Girl for - Noxema
I can't believe... - Alka Seltzer
Look sharp... - Gillette

Only Peyton and Milt had them.

I will be suspending this daily trivia question for the foreseeable future. And, I'm trying to figure out how to keep you in the moment with March's Challenge, "Strictly by the Numbers." 

Finally, sorry about this length, but check out the actual blog as it has gone through a major transformation. My #1 Cheerleader commented how the white lettering on the black page was hard on the eyes. I did get her seal of approval on the new look.

See you next month - er, tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day Fifty-seven - "Shooting the Z". . .

Nice job on the "Y" - I appreciate the kind comments about the little guy in the upper right corner - me! As you probably have guessed "Z" was not an easy subject to shoot as I don't have any antique zebras around the house, so I ask you to think of branding for this one. . .

Trivia - Name the sponsors associated with these classic lines. . .

 “the closer you shave”
“I can’t believe you ate the whole thing”
“look sharp, be sharp”

As for the yearbook entry we had quite a few of you - Phil, Joyce, Michelle, Michael K., Steph, Peyton, Tony, Milt, Ted, Beth, EMO, Joani, and Mike Di. Milt even named the high school! Here is the 1964 Yearbook for Catholic Memorial H. S. It'll be my 50th reunion next year!

To my Howdy Doody experts - Michelle, Michael K., Steph, Peyton, Milt, Ted, Emo, and Mike Di - well done. Clarabelle's means of communicating were the two horns attached to his box. One for yes and the other for no! For extra credit Mike Di., Peyton,  and Milt knew that there was a container of seltzer water in Clarabelle's box used to squirt any and all on the show!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day Fifty-six - "Shooting the Y" . . .

Well, the guys got the "X" Challenge! The title and the images may have helped some people. It was an "X-rated Novel!" Of course, in today's moral code it would be PG 13!

Just three days left for "Shooting Alphabetically" - I enjoyed the many facets of this challenge. Shooting in alphabetical order, shooting alphabetically an antique, shooting alphabetically an antique found in my house (except for "X") AND adding a trivia question as well.

So after the pat on my back, here is "Y" -

Any snide remarks will have you PERMANENTLY taken off these challenges - let's be Christian out there!

Trivia: Hooked on Howdy Doody – How did Clarabelle the Clown  communicate with the others on the show? Bonus, what did he keep in his box around his waist??

Yesterday's guy-thing had Phil, Michael K., Tony, Mike Di., Peyton, and Milt marking the "X" spot. While only Joyce and Milt knew those famous female singers were Cher Sarkisian, Madonna Ciccone, and Adele Adkins.

I just figured out what March's Challenge will be and I'll be staying indoors for most of it! What is it? I'll let you know in three days. . .

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day Fifty-five - "Shooting the X". . .

This was the most difficult of the Letter Challenges as there aren't too many "X" objects to shoot. The object does fit the criteria I set - it is the Letter "X" and it is old. You'll really have to look at the entire picture to come up with the answer. Good luck. . .

You do know the title begins with "U" so that can't be it, right?

And for today's trivia, two out of three -  what are the first names of these one-name female singers? 

There were fifteen of you that knew it was a water meter - Mike P., Carol, Michael K., Michelle, Peyton, Ted, Milt, Pete, Phil, Tony, Joani, Joyce, Mike Di., HGT, and EMO! This was an actual New York Water Meter which was cleaned up and mounted.

 LSMFT - Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco! From the days when we had cigarette commercials on TV. Lots of memories jogged on this one - Mike P., Carol, Michelle, Peyton, Ted, Milt, Pete, Phil, Joani, HGT, and EMO. Pete tells me that those letters also stood for "Lord Save Me From Truman!"

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day Fifty-four - "Shooting the W". . .

I had a couple of options for "W" but I decided on this one. There are enough hints on the cover to help you figure it out. . .

Question of the day - Old tobacco commercial featured these letters - L S M F T which stood for???

That was an old Valentine for "V" - just about everyone figured it out. That Valentine has a signature and dated '05 - I'm guessing it wasn't 2005 as it has been in my curio cabinet for some twenty years. Phil, Joani, Michael K., Milt, EMO, Steph, Tony, and Carol.
Here is a full shot of it. Looking pretty good for its age!

Trivia was as easy as most of the aforementioned correct responders knew the states - Midnight Train to Georgia; Sweet Home Alabama; and Hotel California. Well done EMO, Steph, Tony, Phil, Carol, Michael K., Milt, Peyton, and Mike Di.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day Fifty-three - "Shooting the Letter V". . .

It wasn't easy finding an antique "U" - Good Old Uncle Sam came through! So for "V" we have another gimme - let's not forget this Challenge was something I set up for me. The added pressure of keeping my bloggers happy has not been easy. . .

And, for those still looking forward to today's trivia: 

To which states were these songs going?
Midnight Train to _______
Sweet Home _______
Hotel (Eagles) _______

Those who recognized Uncle Sam include Michelle, Carol, EMO, Joyce, Ann B., Tony, Steph, Michael K., Mike P., Peyton, Mike Di., Phil, Joani, and Milt. Welcome HGT to the mix with a correct Uncle Sam!! As a former Sebastian Collectible Appraiser, I can attest to this figurine being at least fifty years old.

"American Pie" was a tribute to the late great Buddy Holly. A little over fifty years ago, Buddy died in a plane crash with Richie Valens ("Donna") and J. P. Richardson aka the Big Bopper ("Chantilly Lace"). Every year in early February, the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa has a tribute concert. 

As for our trivia experts - EMO, Ann B., Michael K., Mike P., Mike Di., Peyton, and Milt.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day Fifty-two - "Shooting the U. . ."

Aha, so I got you on the "T", it's about time! Let's get all of you back on track with today's letter challenge. Think "U". . .

I have had a few complaints about my trivia going back before some of you were born so here is one that is a little later in the time capsule, in Don McLean’s American Pie who was the singer attributed to “the day the music died?”
"T" was a Tape Measure! And, if you look at the name of the company, it is a Zippo! Nah, I couldn't use it for "Z." Milt was the only correct answer until ten minutes before I posted when Michael K. came through as well.

Actually Andy and Barney Fife were cousins! I'm not sure if Barney was related to "Ant Bee" as well. Twice as many of you knew this little piece of trivia with Michelle, Milt, Peyton, and Michael K.

Day Fifty-one - "Shooting the T". . .

This will be difficult as some of you will be thinking cigarette lighter but that begins with either a "C" or an "L" and we are doing . . . what letter? The "T!" There is the slightest hint if you look carefully at the object. . .

Enough Howdy Doody, how about "The Andy Griffith Show?" Who was Barney related to and what was that relationship?? 

Yesterday's Double "S" was a Stereoscope Slide, which fit neatly into a stereoscope viewer - an early version of the View Master. Well done, Milt, Ted, Peyton, Michelle, Doris, Phil, Mike Di., and newcomer, Michael K.

The kids on the Howdy Doody Show sat in the peanut gallery! From our own peanut gallery we had Ed, Milt, Ted, Peyton, Michelle, Tony, Joani, Phil, Carol, Mike Di., and Michael K.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day Fifty - "Shooting the "S". . .

Phew! It appears we are all back on line with my blog. so without further ado, here is your DOUBLE "S" Challenge. . .

Since some of you fell far short on Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring, I'm going to give you a chance to redeem yourself. On the Howdy Doody Show, what did they call the section where did they sat the children? 

My "R" from yesterday was a Record, a 78 RPM Record. The actual record is about 3/8 inches thick. It was an Edison. The first Edison records were cylinders. Cathy K. or Michael K, Carol, Phil, Ted, Milt, Peyton, Joani, Mike P., Joyce, and Mike Di knew it was a record. I'm not sure if it is vinyl - I'm thinking probably not.

The Howdy Doody buffs were only Carol, Milt, and Ted. We did have one very close answer but the order Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring was important.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day Forty-nine - "Shooting the "R". . .

Lots of choices for this challenge but I selected an object that ranks on the top of my favorite activities. . .

Remember Howdy Doody? What was the name of the Native American woman on the show. Correct order is imperative!

As for the "Q" it was a Quill - unused as you can tell from its cleanliness. Making their mark we had Michelle, Phil, Carol, Tony, Peyton, Ted, Cathy K., Pete, Mike Di., Mike P., Milt, Joani, and Joyce.

Shirley's good luck charm was her Boo Boo Kitty - a cloth stuffed cat (Laverne wore the "L"on all of her things). Joining the Boo Boo Kitty Club we have Peyton, Milt, and Pete.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day Forty-eight - "Shooting the Q". . .

Some of these letters were more difficult than others. I had several options for "G" and for "S" but really had to struggle to find a few others. "Q" was one of them.

Trivia time: On Laverne and Shirley what was Shirley’s good luck charm?

Pasta maker? Hmmm, any interesting observation but wrong! It was a pencil sharpener as Cathy K., Carol, Milt, Joyce, Mike Di., Michelle, Doris, and Peyton figured out. And, here it is. I found this in good working condition in one of my classrooms, really!

As for the trivia question, I managed to jump the gun and asked two. As for the Stooges - Moe, Curly, and Shemp were all Howards! Buddy Ebsen of Beverly Hillbillies and Barnaby Jones was the actor who was replaced as the Tin Man. An allergic reaction to the metallic make-up used. So Cathy K., Milt, Joyce, Mike Di., and Peyton has either both or one of the two answers.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day Forty-seven - "Shooting the P". . .

Sure, it was an oil can! I don't want to make them too hard so as not to scare off too many of you! Let's how observant you are for the "P". . .

You're right, too easy. guess I can't win them all. As a follow-up to yesterday's trivia - which Three Stooges were actually brothers?

Came close to breaking the modern record for most correct answers - Carol, Phil, EMO, Joyce, Beth, Milt, Tony, Mike Di., Peyton, Joani, Cathy K., Michelle, Doris, Ted, and Mike P. My Eagle Oil Can - some thought it belonged to the Tin Man.

Speaking of the Tin Man, do you know who was the original actor chosen to be the Tin Man (replaced by Ray Bolger)? He went on to star in one of the top 60s TV comedies and later a very popular detective drama.

Oh, those Stooges - Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Curly Joe, and Joe (Besser). Kudos to our own stooge experts - Phil, EMO, Joyce, Milt, Tony, Mike Di., Cathy K., and Michelle. Milt, Peyton, and Cathy K. knew all six!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day Forty-six - "Shooting the "O". . .

Where does the time go? February is more than half over and you are challenged with the Letter "O" - so here it is. . .

Shouldn't be too hard! As for our trivia followers, "The Three Stooges was more like the Six Stooges. Can you name four of them?"

So "N" was not nails - I want to than ALL who responded and did not guess NAILS!. They were Needles for the Victor Talking Machine as Cathy K., Michelle, Phil, Peyton, Tony, Joani, Milt, and Mike Di knew.
Needles and their case. . .

And, the trivia was not as easy since only Cathy K., Peyton, Joyce, Milt, and Mike Di knew it was Arnold the Green Acres pig. Mike Di did point out that there was a second pig - the Male Chauvinist type - Oliver! Did you know that Arnold won two Patsy Awards for Best Animal Actor? That's two more than Oliver won!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day Forty-five - "Shooting the "N". . .

Today's Challenge is NOT nails! I know they look like nails, shaped like nails, and even have pointy ends like nails but they are NOT nails!

Really, these are NOT nails! And, for something else that you can try to nail - today's trivia: What was the name of the pig on "Green Acres?"

Lots of winners from the "M" Challenge - they were marbles, clay ones at that! Well done Phil, Tony, EMO, Peyton, Mike P., Michelle, Joyce, Steph, Mike Di, and Joani! 

And, almost a repeat performance on the "little dab" of Brylcreme. All of the aforementioned winners got it except for Steph.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day Forty-four - "Shooting the "M". . .

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my Blog Followers!

And, there is your Letter "M" Challenge! Shouldn't be too hard, right? 

For my trivia buffs, A little dab will do you,” was the catch phrase for what product?

"L" was for locomotive or Lionel so here are the winners: Mike D.,  Phil, Tony, Peyton, Michelle, EMO, Carol, Ted, and Milt. 

As for knowing the Addams Family butler, Lurch - Mike D., Phil, Tony,  Peyton, and Michelle.

Day Forty-three - "Shooting the "L". . .

This one shouldn't be too difficult if you remember the theme - alphabetically and the Letter "L"

Today's trivia is brought to you by, "The Addams Family!" What was the name of their butler?

Yesterday was the Letter "K" that was a given and most of you knew it was used in some printer's type setting - Peyton, Carol, Michelle, Phil, Milt, EMO, Tony, Ann, and Joani. Welcome back to the world of electricity, Phil and Mike P.  Over the years we managed to pick up quite a few of these printers types, many with a product on them.

"Turn, Turn, Turn" is taken almost verbatim from the Book of Ecclessiates in the Bible - well done Peyton, Michelle, Phil, Milt, EMO, and Joyce.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Forty-two - "Shooting the K". . .

And, shooting it literally! Can you tell me for what this item was used?

And, for our trivia aficionados,  The lyrics from the Byrd’s “Turn, Turn, Turn” were taken from what best-selling book? 

 "J" was the Jacket for one of my 78s – I put it on them because of the colder weather. They appreciate them :) We did have only three, make that four correct answers - Phil, Peyton, Joani, and EMO. But nobody knew that Richie Cunningham and Shirley Feeney first met and dated as a couple in the 1973 classic movie, "American Graffiti."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day Forty-one - Shooting the "J". . .

Glad to hear most of you are back on the power grid. I drove through the town of Carver, MA this afternoon and it was a disaster - trees down, power lines hanging, telephone poles shattered, and roads poorly plowed.

Here is my "J". . .

And, for our trivia masters, Richie (Happy Days) and Shirley (Laverne and Shirley) were a couple in what classic movie?     

The "I" was an Indian Head penny - the last year for this coinage as the Lincoln penny replaced it in 1909. I was reminded by one out-of-state follower that to be politically correct, this should be a Native American penny and therefore not be used for the letter "I" - thanks Ed! So we had Ed, of course, Ted, Michelle, Peyton, EMO, Carol, Mike Di., Joani, Doris, and Phil. 

As for the trivial matter of the Monopoly piece, the Cat, replacing the original piece, the Iron - Peter, Michelle, Peyton, Carol, Mike Di., and Joani.             

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day Forty - Shooting the "I". . .

Strange twist of events, I had power for the duration of the Blizzard of 2013! Strange in that most of my relatives did not - it's usually the other way around. And, guessing by the low turnout on the "H" Challenge - many of you are still without!

So here is "I" if there is anyone else out there. . .

(I'm trying to figure out how to use Extension Tubes with my Macro lens)

So yesterday's Double "H" Challenge was the hat and its hatbox.
Michelle, Peyton, Carol, Maeve, and EMO emailed me the correct solutions. Michelle and Carol knew "Charley on the MTA" was sung by the Kingston Trio.

Today's trivia is very, very current - Recently,  Monopoly replaced what game former piece with what new piece? No fair looking it up!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day Thirty-nine - Shooting the "H". . .

Well, we're about four hours into the Blizzard of 2013 and I still have power! If you are reading this, I guess you do as well!!
So here is today's "H" challenge - a two-for-one. . .

For the musicologists out there:Who immortalized the MBTA with a classic folk song in the fifties? Song and Artist, please.

Well, Day 38 was an actual WWII Gas Mask! Here are the correct responders: Mike P., Ted, Phil, Mariann, Milt, Tony, Michelle, Peyton, Steph, and Mike Di. 

Only EMO and Milt knew the names of the pitcher (Tomorrow) and the catcher (Today) from the "Who's on First" routine. It's a classic with superb timing - catch it on YouTube.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day Thirty-eight - Shooting the "G". . .

Not sure if I'll be posting for the next few days as our esteemed Governor has asked that he wants no one on the roadways after 3 PM on Friday. I think that includes cyber byways.
If that's not enough, they are predicting very strong winds, in my neck of the woods - if a chipmunk sneezes anywhere near a power line, we are without electricity for a minimum of four days!

On to the "G". . . 

In the classic comedy piece, "Who's on First" by Abbot and Costello. Who were the pitcher and the catcher?

Congrats to many of you who recognized my fire extinguisher from the top down! Mike P., Mariann, Phil, Michelle, EMO, Ted, Carol, Beth, Peyton, Tony, Milt, Doris/Joani (splitting the honor), and Mike Di. It's a beauty, isn't it?

Trivia - it was Susan Boyle who shocked the judges on Britain's Got Talent with her "I Dreamed a Dream." The video is still one of my favorites on YouTube. Michelle, Doris/Joani-share, EMO, Carol, Beth, Milt, and Mike Di. were on the mark with Susan.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day Thirty-seven - Shooting an "F". . .

Well, I do like to throw out an easy one every now and then. So let's see if you can keep your winning streak going with the "F". . .

Back in 2009,  who was the woman who stunned the Britain's Got Talent judges with her stirring rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream?"  she has appeared on numerous TV shows here in the US as well.

Here is yesterday's "E" - my Exit sign. It has a copper frame with ruby red glass and porcelain light fixtures.

The "Dick and Jane" primer was published for the Catholic schools in their Cathedral Series. To be more Catholic, the names of the two main characters were changed to John and Jean - reflecting saintly names. Also, a few pages sported religious articles on the walls or on a bureau. Mike P. was our only correct respondent on this question.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day Thirty-six - Shooting the "E"

Let's see, the Letter "E" as an antique. . .

Today's trivia feeds off yesterday's "D" as it was Dick of the classic reading primer, "Dick and Jane." The reading company issued two different versions of their readers. Any idea why?

Those who figured out "Dick" - Steph, Mike P., Joani, Mike Di., and Phil. We had good guesses - Dungarees and Down. 

Only Mike P. knew that Paladin's calling card featured the chess piece, the Knight. I'll bet he could even sing the theme song - I have it on my computer, if needed!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day Thirty-five - Shooting "D". . .

No one had their Blog Membership revoked because of yesterday's "C" Challenge. It was a camera! So today is the letter "D" and a hint: It's all about the young boy but his dog may be the key. No, the challenge is not DOG!!

Trivia went well - so here is another - Richard Boone starred in a classic TV Western, Palladin. What was the image on his calling card?

Tip of the lens cap of my Kodak 35 camera which was made in the late forties to Mike P., Ted, Phil, Vicky, Peyton, Michelle, Carol, Cathy K., Milt, Joyce, Joani, Doris, Tony, Joyce, and Mike Di. 

Dinah Shore was the "See the USA in Your Chevrolet" singer. However, it was pointed out to me (thanks, Cathy K) that the cast of Glee did a cover of this classic jingle. Mike P., Ted, Vicky, Peyton, Carol, Milt, and Joyce get the Trivia Kudo as well as Cathy K.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day Thirty-four - "Shooting the "C""

That's more like it! Just about everyone got the "B" - so let's continue alphabetically with the "C." It'll be a real easy one. Anyone who misses this one will have his/her blogging privileges revoked!

Today's trivia question - Who was the female singer who belted out the jingle, "See the USA in Your Chevrolet?"

Day Thirty-three was the bell. This is the one I used to use to gather up my little cherubs when recess was over. It was with me when I started some forty-plus years ago!

Well done Vicky, Ted, Phil, Tony, EMO, Carol, Beth, Michelle, Mike Di., Mike P., Joani, and Steph. Mike P., and Joani knew Sgt. Joe Friday flashed Badge 714 while on Dragnet. The LA Police retired that number permanently when Jack Webb passed away.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day Thirty-three - Shooting the "B". . .

Well, that wasn't such a great start to February. I think I overthought what I wanted to do and made it more confusing. So, let me try today's letter, "B" - this should be an easy one.

One more attempt with the trivia - Dragnet's Sgt. Joe Friday wore what badge number?

My "A" Challenge were the letters from an old typewriter - I was hoping someone would associate letters with an "A" word like Alphabet. Thank you Mike Di for figuring it out! As for the trivia question, the Hollywood Argyles sang "Alley Oop" - we had Peyton with half an answer - the Argyles.