Tuesday, July 30, 2013

# 211 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

The judges gave out several gold medals for knowing 2014 will be Sochi, Russi and 2018 will be PyeongChang, south Korea - standing on the top podium would be Peyton, Michelle, Phil, Milt, EMO, Mrs. Beth, Michael K., Joani, Joyce, and Mike Di.

A real tough one for our non-locals. . .

I spent considerable time coming up with this question for 106 - it's actually gracing a local used car lot on Rte. 106. So, here's the stumper, in what Massachusetts town would you find Routes 106, 105, and 104 meeting? 

Monday, July 29, 2013

# 210 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

The "swallowtail" vane reminded the colonial people of long johns - as Phil, Peyton, Michelle, Milt, EMO, Joyce, Mrs. Beth, Mike Di., and Michael K. figured out!

I came across this one in Ontario - actually the ONLY one I saw in any of the small towns. Our northern neighbors are definitely not into weather vanes! This one was sitting on one of the buildings in the Village at Blue Mountains.

Do you know (or can you look up) when and where the next two Winter Olympics will be held?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

# 209 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Glad to be LIVE again. I was not sure how many opportunities I would have to be on the internet while in Ontario so I pre-posted the past ten days. Now, I'm back and ready to catch up and finish up July's fun challenge! Before I do, let's clear up that little "Fish" story. It was Abe Vigoda who place the character on "Barney Miller." As a few noted Abe had a major role in the Godfather movies as well! So, a tip of the cap to Peyton, Mariann, Milt, Mrs. Beth, Joyce, Tony, Michelle, Michael Di., EMO, Phil (welcome back), and Michael K. Also, first time responder Chris S.!

Wrapping this month up in the next few days, how about this historic weathercock - it's a swallowtail on the Old State House in Boston!

Rarely called a swallowtail, what common object was used to describe this weathercock by early Bostonians?

a. Ocean waves b. Banner c. Flowing locks d. Long johns    

# 208 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

John Henry's yacht is the "Iroquois" and for a measly $28 mil, you can own it! Making a bid for the mega-yacht were Michelle, EMO, Mariann, Peyton, Tony, Joyce, Deana, Milt, Mike Di., Mrs. Beth, and Michael K.

Yep, it's a fish! Now, what can I possibly do with this? I spent some time coming up with something and then I remembered a character named, "Fish." He was a sergeant on the Barney Miller sit com. Do you know his stage name?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

# 207 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Being a classic thriller from 1954, alfred Hitchcock had to be involved! Major stars were Grace Kelly, Ray Milland, and Bob Cummings.

Catching up with Michelle, Milt, Carol, Peyton, Joyce, Mike P., Mike Di., and Michael K.

This sailboat vane can be seen at the Boston Harbor Marina. You can also see the yacht that belongs to Red Sox owner, John Henry. What is its name?

Friday, July 26, 2013

# 206 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

You have seen that answer thousands of times - on the back of a dollar bill! Money talks with Michelle, Peyton, Carol, Tony, Mike Di., Mrs. Beth, Joyce, Mike P., and Michael K.

(How many of you went and pulled out a dollar to make sure???) 

This one reminded me of a branding iron. The building upon which it rested had no hint of why an "M" would be there so, a little trivia for you. . .

Dial M for Murder” was a 1954 classic thriller. Name its director and two of its stars

Thursday, July 25, 2013

# 205 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Well that was a little too easy as it would be called a BEAR market! Feeling bearish as well were Tony, Michelle, Peyton, Milt, EMO, Carol, Joyce, Michael K., Joani, Mike Di., and returning after a brief absence, Deana.

Isn't he a classic????

Speaking of seals (not the sea-faring kind), where can you find BOTH sides of the Great Seal of the United States on the same side of a piece of paper?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

# 204 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

I am impressed! A few of you claimed to know most of them from your early days in front of the TV while others scrambled to check out reference sources.

And, the envelope, please: EMO, Michelle, Micheal K., Mike Di., Joyce, and Joani.

Zorro’s horse - Tornado
Tonto’s horse – Scout
Wilbur’s horse – Mr. Ed
Gumby’s horse – Pokey
Dale Evan’s horse - Buttermilk

How are you in finance???? First, a little trivia about this unique vane - it commemorates the “bull carts' at the Faneuil Hall which was the first place in U. S. to use pushcarts. In 2008, Faneuil Hall was rated the FOURTH best Tourist site in U. S. by Forbes Travel. 

Bull market refers to a rise in stocks, what is its opposite called?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

# 203 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

On my Mother's side, I am a Scot as were all of the aforementioned famous people! I bet if I mentioned this nationality was associated with a popular beverage, I would have had more correct answers! "S math sin!” to Mrs. Beth, Peyton, Michelle, Michael k, and Joyce.

Let's have some fun with this one. A large horse barn was built up the street from me with four (4) weather vanes on top of the cupolas. I have used three of them to date. 

Okay, you figured out it was  a horse. How well do you know the names of these horses:

Zorro’s horse
Tonto’s horse
Wilbur’s horse
Gumby’s horse
Dale Evan’s horse

Three out of five will get you credit on the blog!

Monday, July 22, 2013

# 202 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

How many of you had to hit the Google/Bing buttons for Henry Hudson, the Hudson River, and Delaware Bay? That's fine, this challenge is more about keeping you involved!

One of you did make mention of the car company he founded as well - way to go, Peyton! Others chiming in before I head to church were Michelle, EMO, Michael K., and Tony. Later in the day, Joyce and Mike Di. came through.

Quite the  decorative one! This was on display at a festival I attended. Based on the names of the people who follow, what ethnic group ran this vane?

Sir Sean Connery, actor
Alexander Graham Bell, inventor
Robert Burns, poet
Andrew Carnegie, railway tycoon
John Paul Jones, America’s first naval hero
J. K. Rowling, author

Sunday, July 21, 2013

# 201 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Well done my True Grit fans! 

John Wayne was the first with Jeff Bridges playing in the remake. Rooster's real first name was Reuben! Early bird responders were EMO, Peyton, Carol, Michael K., and Michel (she knew only 2 of the three answers)! Later in the day, Mrs. Beth, Mike Di., Joyce, Milt, and Joani checked in!

Almost a half-moon which conjures up a little history trivia - who was the explorer who sailed the Half Moon and what did he discover? Looks as if Google will get a workout tomorrow :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

# 200 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Happy Bicentennial! My 200th posting!!

The "beaver" can be found on numerous Canadian national documents! Nice going Mariann, Carol, Peyton, Michelle, Milt, Tony, EMO, Joani, Mike Di., Joyce, Mrs. Beth, and Michael K.

The Rooster vane was popularized back in the 900s as Catholic Churches used this symbol to remind its members of Peter's denial. A more modern reminder of rooster comes from the movie, "True Grit." Rooster Cogburn was the main character in the movie. Who played this role in the 1969 and the 2010 versions. Added bonus what was Rooster Cogburn real first name?

Friday, July 19, 2013

# 199 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Gotta love those ducks! As for the answers:
Donald's nephews were Huey, Dewey, Louie and Phooey! Phooey apparently made rare appearances.
Rick Dees' duck was "Disco Duck"
Ernie's duck was none other than, "Rubber Duckie"

I can hear you singing that one!Having all of their ducks in a row were Carol, Mariann, Michelle, Milt, Mike Di., Joyce, Michael K., and EMO. 

The beaver is synonymous as a doer, a builder, and a gatherer. However, which country has featured the beaver as a national emblem? I bet you thought I was going to focus on Theodore Cleaver, right??

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

# 198 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Me thinks the heat has gotten to many of you as our numbers are down these past hazy, hot, and humid days! As for the "horse and buggy" - it does refer to things that are outdated or old fashioned as EMO, Milt, Michelle, and Joyce knew.

This graceful bird can be found on the barn at the Easton Country Club. The duck serves as its logo on the sign as you drive up. So, let's talk some duck - famous ducks. . .

Name Donald Duck’s four (4) nephew’s – yes, there were four
Rick Dees’ famous duck
Muppet Ernie’s famous duck

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

# 197 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Okay, so it was a trick question as there were NO Native Americans who boarded those ships in Boston Harbor. The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawks to disguise themselves. Accepted answers of 0 through 10! I did not manage to disguise the fact from Mike P., Tony, Milt, Peyton, Michelle, Joani, Mrs. Beth, and EMO as well as Joyce and Mike Di. who were decisions of the judges.

Pretty neat, eh? The horse and buggy also known as a stanhope, roadster or just horse and carriage. Today the term, “horse and buggy,” refers to what?

Monday, July 15, 2013

# 196 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Contented cows should never be confused with being lazy. Laziness was the trait NOT associated with cows! Peyton and Joyce nailed it with Joani earning half-credit! An "A" for effort to Mariann, EMO, Michelle, Mrs. Beth, Michael K., Mike Di., and Tony!

On to our next weather sock is another unique one. . .

This vane is associated with the Boston Tea Party Museum. For the history buffs and those who know how to Google or Bing:
The original “tea party” took place in 1773 when tea was throw into Boston Harbor – how many Native Americans boarded the ships to throw the tea overboard? (If your guess is within ten, it will be accepted)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

# 195 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

So I take a short break from the blog and some of you take full advantage by not responding. Well, now it's time to pay the piper!

#193 - Buck This vane is atop a neighbor's house. Bill is an avid deer hunter (a) Michelle and Peyton 

#194 - Swordfish - Although I have passed this house numerous times, it wasn't until the lady who lives there told me of her swordfish. John Travolta was one of the main characters who had support from his two sisters and a brother EMO, Joyce, and  Michael K. chose Travolta but no one knew the family names.

#195 - Lobstah - James Hook Co. as Peyton, EMO, Carol, 
Michael K, Mike P., Mrs. Beth, Milt, and Joyce were on the correct side.

Oh, by the way, the photo weekend was great!

Okay, the break is over! Mooooo. . . 

Which ONE of these four traits is NOT associated with a cow?

 a. contentment 
 b. vitality 
 c. nourishment 
 d. laziness

# 194 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

In "Swordfish" John Travolta made it a family affair by having two of his sisters (Ann and Margaret) and a younger brother (Sam) have bit parts in the movie. Two thumbs up nominations will be posted later as I am enjoying a weekend of photo workshops!

The Golden Lobstah!

This weathervane can be found in the Northern Avenue area of Boston. It sits atop a business that has been in existence since 1925 when the founder and his three sons trucked their daily lobster catch into Boston. Today, 50,000 lbs. are shipped each day! Name the famous company!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

# 193 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Well done! I do not have access to who was correct at this moment. The sleigh is the logo for the Christmas Tree Shops! I will update this at my first opportunity. It is a swordfish. 

So in the movie "Swordfish," a 2001 thriller starred John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and Sam Shepard Which star had managed to have several family cast in this movie? Can you name them? Time to Google or Bing!

Friday, July 12, 2013

# 192b - "Vane-ity Fair!"

So you thought you were getting a day off since I somehow managed to post two (2) yesterday - fat chance!! I just reached into my weather vane possibilities and pulled out this one. As for yesterday's double header:
#191-Derby School is the oldest co-educational institute in the 
U. S. (great weathervane, eh?) Carol, Peyton, Mariann, Michael K., Michelle, EMO, and Joyce knew the answer.

#192 - That sleigh is the logo for Christmas Tree Shops as noted by Peyton, Mariann, Michael K., EMO, Joyce, Pete, Mike Di., and Mike P.

How about this one?

Choose one from the following:

a. obsessive deer hunter   
b. game preserve signage  
c. logo for L. L. Bean  
d. visitor center in Maine

# 192a - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Tough choices! If you did look it up then you know it is the oldest co-educational institution in the U. S.

How about a little Christmas in July? It'll feel good with all of this humidity! A fairly easy one for this session:

Where might one find this vane?? Choose all that apply. . .

a. reindeer staging area   b. Christmas Tree Shoppe logo 
c. Santa’s Workshop   d. North Pole, NY post office

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

# 191 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Even though the history books give credit to Kitty Hawk, the actual flights took place in Kill Devil Hills. According to what I found, the telegram about the historic event was sent from Kitty Hawk. I won't hold that against Peyton, Mariann, Michelle, Michael K., Mike Di., Tony, EMO, Joani, Milt, Phil, Joyce, and Mrs. Beth. Mariann (travel associate extraordinaire) remembers booking the Wright Brothers on that flight! She is also taking credit for Noah's cruise plans!

Here's another fun one. I have been amazed at the level of creativity in the weather socks!

No, it's not associated with a library, it's located on one of the buildings of Derby Academy in Hingham! So here is your multiple choice question: Derby Academy has the unique distinction of

Being the first MA school to offer sailing in its curriculum
Being the oldest all-girl school in the U. S.
Being the oldest co-educational institution in the U. S.
Being founded in 1648 as a school for seminarians

Only ONE is correct!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

# 190 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Okay, so I throw a little math into the challenge and some of you balked! Congrats to Mariann, Peyton, Michelle, EMO, Phil, Mike Di., Joyce, Mrs. Beth, and Michael K. The correct sequence of the Roman Numerals was 
M(1000)+D (500)+ CCC (300)+ L (50)+XXX (30)+ III (3) = 1883!

I'll bet I can find a weather sock not as threatening. . .

No, it's not the Mansfield or Cranland Airfields, it's a much more historic event: Today, July 10th,  marks the day the Wright Brothers began to experiment with a larger glider. From fifty to one hundred flights are made in July and August, ranging in distance from twenty to almost four hundred feet. 

Where did this historic event take place? 

Monday, July 8, 2013

# 189 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

That Clydesdales vane was part of my Lakeville challenge last month as it was found at the Hallamore company. I have been told that visitors are not allowed on the grounds any more. That's too bad. Just about everyone figured out it was the Clydesdale Farm - Carol, EMO, Milt, Phil, Peyton, Michelle, Joyce, Joani, Mariann, Mrs. Beth, and Mike Di.

Putting the date when the establishment was founded on their vane was commonplace. I saw this on a couple of churches, a town hall and this one on the Mansfield Bank in West Bridgewater. All you need to do is give me the Roman Numerals for this date - 1883!
We have to have a few tough ones to keep y'all honest!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

# 188 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Well done my little bloogers - it was the post office for the facility most likely to have an eagle for a weathervane. Some of you remembered the logo for the post office which has an eagle! As for its traits, it was a. divine spirit, b. courage, and c. upward mobility but not d. wealth. A round of applause for EMO, Mariann, Milt, Mike Di., Michael K., Joyce, Joani, Mrs. Beth, and Phil.

Another one of the classic vanes out there. Multiple choice as to who or what might use this animal for topping its vane?

a.  serious Bud drinker         
b. liquor store      
c. Clydesdale farm  
d. just a decoration

Saturday, July 6, 2013

# 187 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

The original "Little Mermaid" can be found in Denmark - Deana has seen it! She also knew it was Hans Christian Andersen who wrote the story. Joining Deana would be Peyton, Mariann, Michael K., Milt, Joani, Phil, Mike Di., EMO, Joyce, and Michelle. That vane was on a side street in Hingham.

Still feeling a little patriotic, so let's take a look at our national bird. This one was seen on an Abington church. However, there is one public building which has the lion's share of eagle vanes:

a. post offices  b. police stations  c. town halls  d. fire stations

Part Two the eagle symbolizes which characteristics:
 a. divine spirit b. courage  c. upward direction d. wealth

Friday, July 5, 2013

# 186 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Well done! Being the July fourth weekend, several of our followers have opted to get away from this heat! So thanks to EMO, Mariann, Milt, Phil, Joani, Mrs. Beth, Joyce, Michael K., Mike Di., and Peyton for sticking (literally) with me today. The Munich streetcar was a library until 1972. I'm not sure if it was the first Bookmobile??

Let's hope this humidity breaks soon! Although camping out in the frozen food section of the Market Basket has been quite pleasant!

Let's think cool thoughts for this one. . .

How about a "Little Mermaid?" The classic Disney film about the “Little Mermaid” was based on a children’s story by what famous author? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

# 185 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

It's a very hot and humid Fourth! It must have been the heat that got to me as that grasshopper is on top of Faneuil Hall not the Old State House. However, the facts listed were all true for the Faneuil Hall topper. So it was "E" - all of the above!

Credit goes to Phil, Peyton, Michael K., Michelle, Milt, EMO, Mariann, Pete, Mike P., Joani, Mrs. Beth, and Mike Di. I know some of you had chosen two or three of the possibilities but it's the Fourth and it's too hot to argue!

Saw this unique streetcar vane driving in Canton. It sits atop the Harbor One Bank. So here is your challenge:

Back in 1928, the city of Munich, Germany took a refurbished streetcar and converted into a mobile

a. post office   b. police station   c. library   d. city hall

Hint: It's NOT all of the above!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

# 184 - "Vane-ity Fair"

Happy Fourth

We'll have a patriotic flavor for today's windsock. 

First things first, the little guy was sitting atop the pediatrician's office in town! Our esteemed panel of judges are back on call and deemed doctor as acceptable - so Michelle, Peyton, EMO, Milt, Pete, Michael K., Mrs. Beth, Mariann, Mike Di., Deana, and Joyce were correct. Dentist was not accepted, sorry (I would have).

This is the grasshopper from the Faneuil Hall. It has an interesting history. Which of these events did happen with this vane? (Can be more than one answer)

a. used to identify British spies during the Revolutionary War
b. contains a time capsule inside of it
c. mistakingly sat atop College of William and Mary College for three months before being returned to Boston
d. stolen by a steeple worker in 1979
e. all of the above

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#183 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Being Day One Hundred Eighty-three, I have passed the halfway mark of my year-long challenge! Happy Half Anniversary to me!!

The Turkey vane was from Asack's Turkey Farm although I would have accepted restaurant as they do run a take-out place as well. Mariann, Michelle, Phil, Milt, Joyce, Joani, Tony, and Mike Di made the correct choice!

If you were with us for May's signage, this should be an easy one. If you weren't, I don't think it'll be too hard to solve. . .

Just what service is performed in the building that sits under this wind sock???

Monday, July 1, 2013

#182 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Payback time for all of those cream puffs I gave you in June. According to the bible of synonyms, Roget - all of the terms are used for weathervanes. Trick question! Your responses were somewhat split between wind sock (Michelle, Joani, Michael K., and Tony who was torn between this and anemometer) and anemometer (EMO, Milt, Peyton, Mike Di., Mrs. Beth and the aforementioned double speaker, Tony). Joyce was all by herself with wind vane.

Feeling a little guilty, let's make this wind vane an easy one. . .

Yes, it's a turkey! Where might this vane be found? On a 

  restaurant cupola  
  turkey farm barn
  estate showing the family crest  
  political commentary
  all of the above