Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 Posting Twenty-four
“Looking Within. . .”

How often have you heard this expression and wondered just what the person meant? Often it refers to do some soul-searching but in this blog episode, I’ll give you a more photographic reason or two to “Look Within. . .”

With our high-resolution digital cameras we are capturing images within our initial shot. We find great detail in these shots to the point where we can actually make another image or more from the original. I think many of us have experienced this serendipitous happening.

Let me go one step further and that would be to look within your collection of images to find some commonality. As you know I just returned from Bella Italia with over 2800 images – it’ll be a while before my final activity (the scrapbook) is a reality. At some point during the initial review of images, I found several mini-themes with enough support to produce smaller folders. In my case, there were many beautiful windows in the cities and towns I visited. Returning to the nearly three thousand shots I found several other possibilities – “The People” or “The Streets” or “The Churches” and I’m sure there are a couple of others in there as well.

Ever shot antique cars? Here there are several opportunities to create some “Looking Within. . .” folders. Check out the hubcaps – quite varied and ornate. How about the hood ornaments - equally unique and beautifully crafted? Another distinctive feature on older vehicles would be the taillights. As a kid growing up in the fifties, we could readily identify the make, model, and year of the passing car just by seeing that rear red light! I’m sure you could come up with a few more shots within the initial reason for shooting an event. I found these when I looked within my marathon shots.


So start “Looking Within. . .” and be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

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