Friday, February 22, 2013

Day Fifty-two - "Shooting the U. . ."

Aha, so I got you on the "T", it's about time! Let's get all of you back on track with today's letter challenge. Think "U". . .

I have had a few complaints about my trivia going back before some of you were born so here is one that is a little later in the time capsule, in Don McLean’s American Pie who was the singer attributed to “the day the music died?”
"T" was a Tape Measure! And, if you look at the name of the company, it is a Zippo! Nah, I couldn't use it for "Z." Milt was the only correct answer until ten minutes before I posted when Michael K. came through as well.

Actually Andy and Barney Fife were cousins! I'm not sure if Barney was related to "Ant Bee" as well. Twice as many of you knew this little piece of trivia with Michelle, Milt, Peyton, and Michael K.

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