Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day One Hundred! - "Architecturally Yours". . .

Another milestone for yours truly - my one hundredth photo posting. Special tip of the lens cap to you for following along! As for that hangar, we had some very thoughtful answers - Spruce Goose, Spirit of St. Louis, and the Wright Brothers' plane. Since I am on the Outer Banks and this hangar did look pretty small - those who were in the Wright Brothers' camp are correct - Peyton, Michael K., Michelle, Steph, and Mike Di. Honorable Mention to Phil, Joani, and Joyce.

This $2.5 million replica of the original sits in the museum. An amazing factoid I picked up at the museum, "It was ONLY sixty-six years from the Wright Bros flight to Armstrong's walk on the moon!" Hard to believe!!

Here's #100 - monument honoring the genius of. . .

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