Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Hundred Seventeen - "Architecturally Yours"

So many correct on that rusty steel girder - it was from the NY Towers devastated by 9/11. As it was told to me, fire departments could go to a specified site and take back with them a piece of the steel from the towers. I think you were limited by what you could fit onto your vehicle and how heavy it was. This piece is in front of the WB Fire Department is awaiting a final place of honor to be completed. Phil, Milt, Michelle, Tony, Peyton, Beth (welcome back), and Joyce had it correct. Mike Di had chosen a site too far south to earn points.

Here's a very easy architectural piece found in the next town over. I know you know what it is so I've reached deeply into my trivia bag to further handicap you!

I told you that you would recognize this so to qualify as responding correctly - let's go back to my Howdy Doody days and ask the name of the male Native American on the show. He had a unique look to him as well. And, the third part is can you name the tribe to which he belonged? I can hear Google being checked as I type this! 

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