Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Hundred Thirty-one - "And, the Sign Says..."

Well #130 had the most creative answers to date. Here is the logo again:

"Naked Man Music Store""Leonardo’s Guitars"
"DaVinci Music?""Nudist rock band""Leonardo's music shop""Guitar store or music store with an invitation "Come on in! We play music in the nude."
(Names were withheld to protect your reputation. . .)

We did have a few guess a music store or guitar shop. He calls himself the "Guitar Doctor!" And, he does traditional archery as well - hopefully fully clothed!

Let's see if I can bring back a sense of normalcy to my challenge with this one:

Can you name the company???

1 comment:

  1. AT&T
    Most of the time their logo appears "flat?"
    This image looks "spherical?"
    New logo for them?