Tuesday, July 23, 2013

# 203 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

On my Mother's side, I am a Scot as were all of the aforementioned famous people! I bet if I mentioned this nationality was associated with a popular beverage, I would have had more correct answers! "S math sin!” to Mrs. Beth, Peyton, Michelle, Michael k, and Joyce.

Let's have some fun with this one. A large horse barn was built up the street from me with four (4) weather vanes on top of the cupolas. I have used three of them to date. 

Okay, you figured out it was  a horse. How well do you know the names of these horses:

Zorro’s horse
Tonto’s horse
Wilbur’s horse
Gumby’s horse
Dale Evan’s horse

Three out of five will get you credit on the blog!

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