Sunday, July 28, 2013

# 209 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Glad to be LIVE again. I was not sure how many opportunities I would have to be on the internet while in Ontario so I pre-posted the past ten days. Now, I'm back and ready to catch up and finish up July's fun challenge! Before I do, let's clear up that little "Fish" story. It was Abe Vigoda who place the character on "Barney Miller." As a few noted Abe had a major role in the Godfather movies as well! So, a tip of the cap to Peyton, Mariann, Milt, Mrs. Beth, Joyce, Tony, Michelle, Michael Di., EMO, Phil (welcome back), and Michael K. Also, first time responder Chris S.!

Wrapping this month up in the next few days, how about this historic weathercock - it's a swallowtail on the Old State House in Boston!

Rarely called a swallowtail, what common object was used to describe this weathercock by early Bostonians?

a. Ocean waves b. Banner c. Flowing locks d. Long johns    

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