Wednesday, August 21, 2013

# 231 - "The Shadow Knows!"

Peter Pan? Goofy? Little girl playing, perhaps? Child on a swing? A kid dancing even? Maybe an Indian figure or a puppet? Could it have been someone jumping rope? All reasonable guesses for Shadow # 230 as Michael K., EMO, Mrs. Beth, Milt, Mike P., Peyton, Tony, Phil, Mike D., and Joani. . .

This is a papier-mâché clown that hangs from a set of three balloons in our living room. I think we bought it some thirty years ago (I know I'll be corrected as soon as my roommate reads this).

Good luck on this household object. . . 

bad tongue day, noun
A day in which a person frequently mispronounces words and stumbles over sentences.

1 comment:

  1. I don't have a guess on this one Joe! However I could imagine this beautiful photo blown up and on display at the ICA or some other modern art museum!
    Okay, here is a guess, magnifying glass?
    Take care buddy!