Thursday, December 19, 2013

# 349 - "December Group-ies"

Fluther. An interesting word which stands for a group of jellyfish. Smack was the more common term for these annoying ocean floaters. I also found that a fluther can mean a group of Peeps (the marshmallow ones) so blog flower Ann B. had better get this right!

Hearing from: EMO, Phil, Carol, Tony, Peyton, Michelle, Joani, and Michael P.

How about a group of ____ makes a rafter. These animals would never be associated with rafters for sure.

"A Fleet of Bicycles"

This is a sample, a very small sample, of the bikes that are donated each year to the Keeper for giving away to those in need. I know over one hundred bikes of all sizes and shapes are available for delivery. The story goes that one man began the charitable act several years ago and when he passed away, his family stepped in to continue the tradition!

Bonus Image

This is my last image of that time-tested medicine cabinet.

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  1. I think I know this one, turkeys?
    Love the bicycles!
    Merry Christmas Joe!