Wednesday, January 1, 2014

# 362 - Thank you!

Glozing is a group of taverners who should have been busy last night - good to hear from Phil, EMO, Peyton, Michael P., Milt, Tony, Michelle, and Mike Di.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and this is the scenario with my daily blog. I have thought about ways to continue it but nothing comes to mind. As you witnessed these past few months, it has been a difficult challenge to find a theme, the image to compliment that theme, and something for you to do as well. I have had to raid my archives on numerous occasions.

I will miss hearing from you and the opportunity to share my photography with all of you. I did enjoy your comments and surprised to hear many more of your were out there but had not emailed in.

Watch your emails as I may post something worthwhile in the immediate future.

Here is my final entry. . .

"A Compilation of 2013 and More"

KennedyClan, and 
ProfJoldie all Thank you!

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  1. Love "2013 Compilation!" Also love all the "Joe's" Happy New Year Joe. Hope you decide to post some photos in 2014! The coming snow storm should provide many photo ops!