Monday, December 15, 2014

Week Fifty - "Living a Rockwell"

The week after the Trolley Museum in Maine I was headed out to the western part of Massachusetts to cross off something from my Lifelist. So Shoot #18 found me in the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting - his classic, "Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas." There were festivities going on all weekend but let me skip ahead to Sunday's culminating activity - recreating the painting. Here is the classic car with a tree on its roof

"1956 Mercury with Tree"

Other antique vehicles began to line up as early as 9AM and the spectators were not too much later! It was a festive weekend.

If this event is NOT on your Lifelist, add it now!

Weekly Photo Suggestion:

Fresh out of them - so . . .

Just enjoy shooting!

 A Pearl of Wisdom. . .

The Carwash Rule of Weather. . .

No matter how clear the skies are, 
a thunderstorm will move in five minutes after you have washed the car!

Steven Wright's Witticisms

It may be the early bird gets the worm,
 but it's  the second mouse that gets the cheese.

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