Monday, February 16, 2015

Shoot V - "Borne National Cemetery"

Were you thinking Indiana? I wasn't for sure! However, Milt (you remember him from early last year?), Michelle, Joani, and Mommy Beth were zoned in to Indiana. 

May was a busy month for my camera as I managed to get out on four separate occasions to shoot. This third time was a somber one. Someone from one of my camera clubs mentioned help was needed to plant flags at the Bourne National Cemetery before Memorial Day. I had the time and thought I could be a help. What I didn't know was that there would be more than several hundred others planning on lending a hand as well 

After a brief memorial service of music and presentations, we headed off to the various sections to plant 10,000 flags. I did manage to find twelve markers that had not be patriotically adorned.

I called this, "A Mother's Sacrifice." We know of the thousands of Mothers who saw their sons and daughters head off to war but how about a Mother who gave her time and talents to keep our freedoms. Here's a thank you to all who have served our country!

Thought for the week. . .

Found these most interesting outlooks on life:

Aspire to inspire before you expire. 
~ Eugene Bell, Jr

N i f t y   F i f t y
Here are some interesting facts about one of our fifty states. Do you know which one? This state boasts of:

where Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr., the first American to travel in space was born.

favorite son, Levi Hutchins who invented the first alarm clock in 1787 

favorite son, Daniel Webster who was a politician and statesman, born in 1782

having the world's longest wooden bridge (one mile long) built in 1900.

Leaving you with a smile, I hope. . .

He had a photographic memory which. . .

 was never developed.

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