Monday, August 29, 2016

Shoot Eleven - "More from the VAE"

South Africa! And, that's where Jim, Milt, Michelle, Elaine, Peyton, Mike Di, and Joani thought as well!

"Hood Ornament"

I am finding it more and more difficult to shoot the classic cars parked on the fairgrounds. It may be that it has been parked too close to another one so I don't have the room or the angle for what I want to show. Or, unless I get there early, there are others with cameras or with kids in tow inspecting the vehicles up close.

Either case, I have had to rethink my strategies. I have begun to focus on the car-tifacts (items on the cars such as the hood ornaments, the chrome, the tail lights, etc.) There is such a wealth of opportunities here and you don't have to worry about distractions.

If interested in "Car-tifacts," check out my website  (
where there is a folder of some of my favorites.  

Where in the World?

Here are some interesting facts about various countries of the world. Just where would I be? 

Guadeloupe, Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, and Reunion are also recognized as a part of this country.

In 2012, its mainland population of was just under 63 million (62,814,233). Another 2.8 million (2,816,459) are split between Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion.

Eight countries border it!

Its native language is the second most studied language in the world after English.

It is the most visited country in the world, with over 80 million visitors every year – proudly sporting the most visited art museum in the world.

Its most famous man-made structure was built as the entrance point for the 1889 World Fair. It is one of the most visited monuments in the world.

Interesting Thought. . .

Light travels faster than sound. 
This is why some people appear bright 
until you hear them speak!
                                - Unknown

Leaving on a humorous note, I hope!

If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, 

would they call it Fed UP?


Are Lipton Tea employees allowed coffee breaks?

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