Monday, June 19, 2017

Shoot Sixteen - Plymouth Lobstah Crawl

Miami - heard from Milt, Jim, Joani, Peyton, Mike, Michelle, and Carol.

On a more personal note - big day for me as I should be in the midst of having my hip replaced by the time you read this. Sorry, no photo highlights!

"Plymouth Lobster Crawl"

I'm sure you have seen other objects featured in various parts of the country. Generally, local businesses will contract an artist to capture their establishment in the sculpture caricature.

I have seen cowboy boots in Cheyenne, globes on the Boston Common, Adirondack chairs in Ontario, cows in Montpelier, submarines in Groton, CT, and others.

Well, Plymouth - America's Hometown - settled on lobstahs, that would be lobsters to the rest of the world. My wife and I tried to find as many of the twenty-plus that were situated around the town. One had been vandalized and was removed; another was stolen; and three others we never found!

Above are nine of my favorites! Who are they, you asked?

Top row: Rocky, Childhood Memories and Sea Horse

Middle: Miss Claw-dia, Welcome, and Louie
Bottom row: Rasta Pasta, Brewster, and Claws Monet

(gotta love the creativity in the name game!!!)

Where in the World?

Better get out the atlas as this year I will be featuring some of the more famous cities of the world! Here are some interesting facts about one of them. Just what city would I be visiting? 

fourteen small islands make up this capital city.

is known to have the largest Royal Palace in Europe. The city also has a large number of museums.

the Skargarden fascinates one and all. It comprises of an astounding 24,000 islands, islets, and rocks. This archipelago is indeed, one of the most beautiful in the world. If you want a closer look, you can take one of the several ferry lines that will give you a tour of the archipelago.

the Gamla Stan is also of immense interest. Known as the Old Town, it is located right in the heart of the city.

a ticket to the Royal Palace will give you access to the Royal Apartments, the Treasury, the Tre Kronor Museum, and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities.

part of the Nordic Sea Hotel, the Absolut Ice Bar maintains a degree of minus five throughout the year. If that is not exciting enough for you, then the fact that drinks here are served in glass-sized hollow ice cubes will definitely blow you away. The bar table is made of a clear ice block, while the tables and chairs inside are made of ice harvested from the River Torne!

A Word to the Wise. . .

"People grow through experience 
if they meet life honestly and courageously. 
This is how character is built." 

~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Murphy's Laws. . .

Farnsdick's Corollary:

After things have gone from bad to worse, 
the cycle will repeat itself!

It's Cartoon Time. . .

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