Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct 16 Thai Temple II

Bangkok - where else with a Thai Temple featured??? Well, was not so easy except for Elaine, Milt, and Joani. Mike was a few miles away but he tried. . .

"Thai Temple Steeple"

During its construction I bumped into the Raynham Fire Chief who was somewhat bewildered as he looked at the 180-foot tall spire. He was certain that he had nothing in his fire-fighting arsenal to cope with any emergencies at that height!

The sixty million dollar facility houses monks, two meditation rooms, a museum/library, and several multi-purpose rooms.

On this day I could not enter the Temple as it was closed. Since it is only a twenty-minute drive from my house, I planned to come back another day (and, I did).

Where in the World?

Better get out the atlas as this year I will be featuring some of the more famous cities of the world! Here are some interesting facts about one of them. Just what city would I be visiting? 

this is one city in the world that has undergone an extraordinary transformation in recent decades. For this reason 20% of the world’s total cranes are now operating here in various constructions. the highest mosque, the highest restaurant, highest outdoor observation and highest nightclub.

has laid claim to the biggest mall, tallest hotel, second largest man-made marina, and the world’s largest aquarium

home to the only seven star hotel in the whole world, the Burj Al Arab,

another prominent but unique feature in this city is the Palm Jumeirah Isle that consists of resorts that are off-coast.

this city is considered one of the safest cities on earth.

A Word to the Wise. . .

The truly rich are those 
who enjoy what they have.      
                                                     ~ Yiddish 

Murphy's Laws. . .

Axiom of the Pipe:

A pipe gives a wise man time to think 
and a fool something to stick in his mouth.

It's Cartoon Time. . .

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