Monday, February 12, 2018

#45 - "The Ammeter. . ."

#46 was anesthesia! A real knockout by Michelle, Mike, Elaine, Peyton, and Joani!

"The Weston Ammeter"

Still hanging around and reaping the photo ops of the Boston Waterworks Museum!

There were numerous gauges, meters, and other devices to measure affixed to walls, machinery, and other mechanical items. I liked the grunge look of this ammeter - which I found out was used to measure amps. It had to be preserved in color as the rust would have been lost in a B&W conversion.

Greatest Inventions of All Time!
Recently I came across an article about the greatest inventions as determined by a large group of scientists, philosophers, educators, and other professions. Their task was to create a list of "the Greatest Inventions of All Time." Conveniently, the final list numbered fifty! so, I'm starting with #50 and working my way down to Numero Uno in December.

Fear not as I will offer you some hints as to what the invention was.


 became available in crude experimental forms in the late 1920s, but it would still be several years before the new technology was marketed to consumers. After World War II, an improved form of it became popular in the United States and Britain, and soon they became commonplace in homes, businesses, and institutions. During the 1950s, it was the primary medium for influencing public opinion.] In the mid-1960s, color was introduced in the US and most other developed countries.

Murphy's Laws

Law of the OR. . .

Never say "oops" in the operating room!

Leaving You with a Laugh, I Hope. . .

"Let Me Out!!"

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