Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Posting Twenty-six
Great Photo Opportunities

An offer too good NOT to share with all of you. Highland Street Foundation has made it possible for us to visit many of our great museums FREE of CHARGE

Here is a little background on the foundation:
    The Highland Street Foundation was established in 1989 by David J. McGrath, jr., the founder and owner of TAD Resources International, Inc.  David died in May 1995 and TAD was subsequently sold to Adecco, the world's largest temporary help company, in October 1997.
    With the sale of the company, the Highland Street Foundation received the majority of its current endowment. In his lifetime, David and his wife JoAnn contributed to a great number of varied charitable causes through their personal philanthropy.
    Today, JoAnn and her five children, who make up the Highland Street Foundation board, continue the traditions that she started with David. Since its establishment in 1989 the McGrath Family and the Highland Street Foundation have donated more than $115 million to many worthy non-profit organizations, including $94 million to groups in Massachusetts alone.

And, here is the all-important link as to which venues are free and on which Fridays: http://highlandstreet.org

Thanks to Chris M for sending along this link!   

And, with the Fourth this weekend here is another link (thanks, Mariann) about shooting fireworks - take a look at this to get the best of the festivities: http://www.bostoncentral.com/events/massachusetts_fireworks/p21018.php.

I caught this fireworker at the Willowshire Faire last weekend. . .
on the Fridays of the summer.


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