Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day Fifty-seven - "Shooting the Z". . .

Nice job on the "Y" - I appreciate the kind comments about the little guy in the upper right corner - me! As you probably have guessed "Z" was not an easy subject to shoot as I don't have any antique zebras around the house, so I ask you to think of branding for this one. . .

Trivia - Name the sponsors associated with these classic lines. . .

 “the closer you shave”
“I can’t believe you ate the whole thing”
“look sharp, be sharp”

As for the yearbook entry we had quite a few of you - Phil, Joyce, Michelle, Michael K., Steph, Peyton, Tony, Milt, Ted, Beth, EMO, Joani, and Mike Di. Milt even named the high school! Here is the 1964 Yearbook for Catholic Memorial H. S. It'll be my 50th reunion next year!

To my Howdy Doody experts - Michelle, Michael K., Steph, Peyton, Milt, Ted, Emo, and Mike Di - well done. Clarabelle's means of communicating were the two horns attached to his box. One for yes and the other for no! For extra credit Mike Di., Peyton,  and Milt knew that there was a container of seltzer water in Clarabelle's box used to squirt any and all on the show!

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  1. Zenith!
    Loved your yearbook and your photo!
    Happy fiftieth! Wow!