Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day Forty-one - Shooting the "J". . .

Glad to hear most of you are back on the power grid. I drove through the town of Carver, MA this afternoon and it was a disaster - trees down, power lines hanging, telephone poles shattered, and roads poorly plowed.

Here is my "J". . .

And, for our trivia masters, Richie (Happy Days) and Shirley (Laverne and Shirley) were a couple in what classic movie?     

The "I" was an Indian Head penny - the last year for this coinage as the Lincoln penny replaced it in 1909. I was reminded by one out-of-state follower that to be politically correct, this should be a Native American penny and therefore not be used for the letter "I" - thanks Ed! So we had Ed, of course, Ted, Michelle, Peyton, EMO, Carol, Mike Di., Joani, Doris, and Phil. 

As for the trivial matter of the Monopoly piece, the Cat, replacing the original piece, the Iron - Peter, Michelle, Peyton, Carol, Mike Di., and Joani.             

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