Sunday, June 30, 2013

# 181 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

 "Vane-ity Fair!"

It’s worth repeating, these monthly challenges have opened up my eyes to the world around me. May’s signage, February’s antiquing alphabet, and March’s numerology have challenged me to look beyond the obvious. As I wrap up my twenty-nine towns in twenty-nine days, I have become aware of the offerings of the communities around me – both historically and economically. The research, although time-consuming – has been rewarding. Looking at the responses, you appeared to stick with me and do a little “Googling” or “Binging” to seek me out.

As I looked around at these historical sites, July’s challenge appeared. I was totally amazed at the variety of weather vanes that are affixed to homes, churches, commercial properties, and historical buildings.

So for the next thirty days, I’m asking you to hang in there and enjoy the creativity and, in some cases, the symbolism behind these works of art.

A little historical background these devices are the oldest forms of weather forecasting. They were used as early as 1500 BC! Back in the 9th century roosters were attached to the tops of Catholic churches to symbolize Peter’s denial of Christ.

As you will see during the month of July, there are many reasons behind the weathervane that is atop that structure.

So start to look up, check out what has been there right along, and enjoy. . .

 So for your first challenge, which of these terms is not a synonym for a weathervane:

wind vanes
wind socks

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