Monday, July 1, 2013

#182 - "Vane-ity Fair!"

Payback time for all of those cream puffs I gave you in June. According to the bible of synonyms, Roget - all of the terms are used for weathervanes. Trick question! Your responses were somewhat split between wind sock (Michelle, Joani, Michael K., and Tony who was torn between this and anemometer) and anemometer (EMO, Milt, Peyton, Mike Di., Mrs. Beth and the aforementioned double speaker, Tony). Joyce was all by herself with wind vane.

Feeling a little guilty, let's make this wind vane an easy one. . .

Yes, it's a turkey! Where might this vane be found? On a 

  restaurant cupola  
  turkey farm barn
  estate showing the family crest  
  political commentary
  all of the above

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