Wednesday, September 18, 2013

# 258 - "Reflections. . ."

“Photography is not selfish. Although it captures the moment, it doesn’t keep it. Photography gives back to the viewer the fraction of time, which it once captured. Making it generous for years and even generations to come.” - Mickey Burrow

f/4 @ 1/400 sec.   ISO 100

Roadside Service

As my wife and I were exploring the backroads of southern Vermont, I passed an old garage with antique vehicles parked out front. I made a mental note to come back the same route to get this area in later sun. The truck, the garage, the sign were all vintage and screamed to be done via HDR. I was able to tone-map the one image I had via NIK software. Using NIK’s stellar B&W plug-in, Silver Efex Pro 2, I selectively colored specifics of the truck.

 As for"Blast from the Past," I heard from Lisa Daria, EMO, Phil, Peyton, Tony, Liz, Joani, Michael K., Michelle, and Joyce.

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