Wednesday, September 25, 2013

# 265 - "Reflections. . ."

“One of the risks of appearing in public is the likelihood of being photographed.” - Diane Arbus

f/4.8 @ 1/800 sec.   ISO 200

Brimfield Bag Lady

Recently, I attended a workshop presented by street photographer, Lou Jones. Lou keyed on several considerations in order to be successful in this area of photojournalism. Two of his steps involved moving slowly and becoming invisible. With New England’s largest antiques festival coming up, I decided to try to capture some people with Brimfield as my canvas.

Using Jones’s guidelines, I was able to blend in with the characters who frequented the week-long event. The “Brimfield Bag Lady” was one of scouting out a location and waiting for the right subject. I came across a full- length mirror propped up at the side of one of the tents so I had my spot. Within minutes potential subjects strolled by. This one lady with her purchases filled the mirror to my liking.

I decided to use B&W for my final image as I didn’t want the colors to distract from the overall feeling.

Someone in one of my study groups felt this shot was an invasion of her privacy – but isn’t that the case for all street photography?

Commenting on yesterday's challenge and the bonus image: Deana, Michelle, Peyton, EMO, Tony, Joani, Phil, Jeff W., and Joyce.

"Roadside View" These humungous structures are along the road in Arches National Park.

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