Wednesday, October 16, 2013

# 286 - Reflections. . .

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand." - Ansel Adams

f/8  ISO 200 on a tripod HDR so no shutter speed

Bapst Library

For several months small groups of photographers have been going to Boston College to photograph one the top twenty-five most beautiful college libraries in the United States – The Bapst Library – actually it was ranked #1! After numerous failed attempts to get on the list, I succeeded.

About ten others joined me in this classic library. The stained glass windows, the handcrafted wood, the ambience all were there for my camera. Where do I start? I positioned my tripod in the back, the front, in a private meeting room, near the floor – the possibilities were limitless.

Quoting Ansel “knowing where to stand” was the determining factor and for me it was as you entered the Bapst.

Well worth the wait!

Bonus Image

"Newspaper Rock" was a series of petroglyphs carved into the rock's surface some 2000 years ago!

Now, be honest - how many of you were craving a butterscotch sundae after yesterday's image? Still hanging with me - Phil, Michelle, EMO, Joyce, Joani, and Tony.

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