Monday, March 10, 2014

Week Ten - "OBX II"

At least three followers got the urge to go out and buy some peeps after viewing Ann's website. I have it on good authority that two of those people bought the peeps to eat!

"Inside Cuttrick Light"

Still on the Outer Banks, I managed to find several lighthouses to shoot. Unfortunately, only one allowed inside access - Cuttrick. I must have taken over one hundred shots inside of the spiral staircase. This was one of my favorites. 

What caught my eye - the green railings against the beige walls as well as the shadows throughout. I was also mesmerized by the tiled flooring at the bottom and the leading lines of the railings and the stairs.

Guest Photographer - Frank Gorga

"Big Dipper on a Moonlit Night"

The evening of 21 September 2013 was one of those proverbial “you can read the newspaper by the moonlight” nights. It was the day after the full moon and there was not a cloud in the sky.  Thus, I figured that I might be able to make an interesting photograph of the night sky with a moonlit foreground.
About 9 PM I drove the mile down the road from our house to the bridge across the narrow point in Gregg Lake.  This is one of my favorite spots to photograph.  I have photographed the landscape at this spot many times. There are often dragonflies and birds here as well.
The view of the sky to the north is expansive and, importantly for the photograph I envisioned, there are no man-made lights visible in this direction. The moon would be more-or-less at my back thereby providing favorable illumination of the lake and the woods along its shore.
I mounted the camera on my tripod and pointed the lens north-ish. I set the camera to ISO 400 and my lens to f/8.  I manually adjusted the focus just short of infinity; autofocus was not going to work in the low light.  After a few test frames to gauge the exposure, I opened the shutter with a cable release and a minute later, keeping time on my wristwatch, I closed the shutter. Post processing was minimal&hellip noise reduction and a very small bit of dodging to lighten the foreground.

The final result comes pretty close to the original idea I had before I left the house&hellip the Big Dipper was an unexpected bonus!

Congratulations to Frank! He has been accepted as an exhibiting member of the Vermont Center for Photography. He will be able to exhibit during their semi-annual members' show as well as other perks.

Want more of Frank's images, follow his blog:

Thanks, Frank!

Don't forget to send me some of your favorites from 2013.

Next Week's Guest is Milt Williamson

Weekly Photo Suggestion:

A good photo shouldn't require explanation 
(although background information often adds to an image).

  A Pearl of Wisdom. . .

Murphy's Constant

Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value.

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