Monday, April 7, 2014

Week Fourteen - "Berlin Wall"

Beautiful rolling hills, Tony!

"Berlin Wall"


No, this image was not from a side trip to Germany. This large section of the Berlin Wall was on display at the Newseum in Washington, DC. The Newseum was filled with artifacts, historical books and manuscripts and history-making news events throughout its four floors. My take-home memory of this building had nothing to do with the displays. On the way out we noticed crowds of people  fixated on the large screen in the lobby. It was streaming the news - the Boston Marathon bombing!  

Another feature of this Washington must-see is the display of front pages from world tabloids. The following day, we walked by the glass-enclosed pages and EVERY one of them reported on the Boston Marathon.

We heard that Pennsylvania Avenue was closed - glad we didn't have White House tour passes. Also, we saw an increase in the number of security personnel at the various monuments - most were heavily armed.

Guest Artist - Michael Perchard

"The Projects"

 First is a view of my "Projects" home!  Most of my work is motivated by my experiences growing up in East Boston.  My paintings tend to have a rough maybe even edgy effect! I love painting just about anything but I tend to paint wild ocean scenes and cityscapes mostly!

You can follow Michael's work on his blog:

Thanks, Michael

Don't forget to send me some of your favorites from 2013.

Next Week's Guest - No One!
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 A Pearl of Wisdom. . .

Law of Local Anesthesia

Never say "oops" in the operating room.

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  1. Hello Joe!Love Berlin Wall photo! Reminded meof stained glass might see in a church! Beautiful! Love being your guest artist! Best to the family!