Monday, September 7, 2015

Shoot XVI - "Ghost Rider"

And, the state of the week was "Maine!" I think the clue of the one-syllable was a big help - however, you probably started to think of many states before coming to "The Pine Tree State." We double our correct responders last week to a grand total of four (4) - Mike, Milt, Elaine, and Carol!

"Ghost Rider"

A side trip from Death Valley was to the ghost town of Rhyolite, NV. However, you would be cheating yourself out of a real experience if you drove by the Goldwell Museum!

On the grounds there are several sculptures created by various artists. Szukalski in 1984 left his mark on the area with "Ghost Rider" and "The Last Supper." Originally meant to last about two years, this plaster-soaked fabric continues to grace the museum.

Thought for the week. . .

Found these most interesting outlooks on life:

Life is like riding a bicycle. 
To keep your balance you must keep moving. 

~ Albert Einstein.

N i f t y   F i f t y
Here are some interesting facts about one of our fifty states. Do you know which one? This state boasts of being the:

birthplace of Hallie Berry, Clark Gable, Th. Edison, Dean Martin, Steven Spielberg, Paul Newman, Annie Oakley, Arsenio Hall, and Neil Armstrong!

place where the first electric traffic lights were invented and installed in 1914

place where the first ambulance service was established in 1865.

place where pop-top can was invented the pop-top can and the cash register in 1879 to stop patrons from pilfering house profits.

home of the world's largest basket. It is located at Basket Village USA.

Leaving you with a smile, I hope. . .

 I asked God for a bike, 
but I know God doesn’t work that way. 
So I stole a bike and asked for His forgiveness!

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