Monday, September 14, 2015

Shoot XVI - "Mosaic Canyon"

And, the state of the week was "Ohio - the Buckeye State!" Good to hear from Mike Di., Milt, Peyton, Beth, Elaine, Carol, Michelle, and Lisa! 

"Mosaic Canyon"

When one thinks of Death Valley, images of barren, dry, and colorless areas come to mind. One of the trails in this national park was the Mosaic Canyon. I managed to get to the parking lot just before dawn and had the lot, the trail and the canyon to myself! Walking in the dark, I was not prepared for the canvas Mother Nature created! At first light I saw the image above. The colors were amazing! 

Thought for the week. . .

Found these most interesting outlooks on life:

A blind person asked St. Anthony: 
"Can there be anything worse than losing one's eyesight?" 
He replied: "Yes, losing your vision!"

N i f t y   F i f t y
Here are some interesting facts about one of our fifty states. Do you know which one? This state boasts of being the:

birthplace of Cheryl Ladd, Tom Brokaw, and Terry Francona

home of the Shrine to Democracy which took took 14 years and cost a mere $1 million!

Potato Capital and one of its cities is home to the world famous Mashed Potato Wrestling contest.

home of the world's only Corn Palace.

Leaving you with a smile, I hope. . .

Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators. 

We haven't met yet!

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