Monday, June 20, 2016

Shoot Six - "Bear's Den Falls"

Jamaica, mon! Getting in on time for this past week were Milt, Elaine, Joani, Michelle, Jim, and Mike Di. I did see a couple of Bermuda guesses in the mix. . .

"Bear's Den Falls"

Continuing with the last May shoot, our next impressive waterfall was Bear Den's Falls in New Salem, MA. Finding the best angle to photograph these was a challenge as there were several different views that caught my attention. I opted for this tighter viewpoint - probably ten percent of the entire falls area.

The mosquitos? They all must have been back at Doane's as I do not remember swatting them away. However, I did not notice at first a little winged critter who traveled with me from Doane's. Somehow I managed to catch him between my polarizing filter and the lens. Needless to say he was squished dead but managed to ruin several images at this stop. After fifteen minutes I noticed a blur on one of my shots and could not figure out what caused it. As I was wiping off the front of my filter, there he was!

Where in the World?

Here are some interesting facts about various countries of the world. Just where would I be?

Tourism is a major source of income for their economy. In 2011, its capital city was the sixth most visited city in Europe.

The currency here is the Koruna.

Guinness Book of Records lists one of its castles as the largest ancient castle in the world by area, at over 7 hectares (70,000 m²).

Beer has been brewed here since the year 1118, the country has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world!

The most popular sports in this country are ice hockey, football, sport shooting, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

Tennis greats Martina Navratilova (18 Grand Slams) and Ivan Lendl (8 Grand Slams) are from here.

Interesting Thought. . .

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is 
that little extra."
~ Jimmy Johnson

Leaving on a humorous note, I hope!

How is it that we were able 
to put man on the moon before 
we figured out it would be a good idea 
to put wheels on luggage?

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