Monday, May 7, 2018

#33 - "Gearhead Heaven!"

#34 was the Gregorian Calendar as if y'all didn't know - Milt, Joani, Tony, Mike, Peyton, Michelle, and Elaine!

"Gearhead Heaven!

Unlike the previous location - the Stone Mill, the Charles River Museum was filled with things to shoot - small and large. The brass gears for this machine caught my attention for some reason. My challenge was where to set up for the shot? Capture the entire machine or go in tight for a partial - the latter won out.

Greatest Inventions of All Time!
Recently I came across an article about the greatest inventions as determined by a large group of scientists, philosophers, educators, and other professions. Their task was to create a list of "the Greatest Inventions of All Time." Conveniently, the final list numbered fifty! so, I'm starting with #50 and working my way down to Numero Uno in December.

Fear not as I will offer you some hints as to what the invention was.

#33 was invented by a French scientist during the nineteenth century. In 1864 he discovered that heating beer and wine was enough to kill most of the bacteria that caused spoilage, preventing these beverages from turning sour. 

Today, #33 is used widely in the dairy industry and other food processing industries to achieve food preservation and food safety. 

Sorry, no multiple choices on this easy one! 

Murphy's Laws

Kelly's Law. . .

An executive will always return to work from lunch
if no one takes him.

Leaving You with a Laugh, I Hope. . .

"Funeral Small Talk"

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