Monday, June 11, 2018

#28 - "Disconnected. . ."

#29 was Photography! Easy one, er no? Peyton, Michelle, Mike, Elaine, and Joani all knew it was photography!


Boston Waterworks Museum was a plethora (love throwing that word in every so often) of things to photograph. The museum was a challenge for your camera eye. Overwhelming at first but once you walked around and began to find a theme (smalls, gauges, plumbing, etc.) the entire place opened anew for you. I could have come home with close to several hundred images but focused on a few themes to get my take home load to about three hundred!

This piece got me wondering as to what it might have shut off or fed fluids into? Just how many more pieces of pipe were joined here??? 

Greatest Inventions of All Time!
Recently I came across an article about the greatest inventions as determined by a large group of scientists, philosophers, educators, and other professions. Their task was to create a list of "the Greatest Inventions of All Time." Conveniently, the final list numbered fifty! so, I'm starting with #50 and working my way down to Numero Uno in December.

Fear not as I will offer you some hints as to what the invention was.


The first demonstration of electronic mass media’s power to spread ideas and homogenize culture!

As early as 1864 James Clerk Maxwell showed mathematically that electromagnetic waves could propagate through free space. The effects of electromagnetic waves were actually observed before and after Maxwell's work by many inventors and experimenters including George Adams (1780-1784), Luigi Galvani(1791), Peter Samuel Munk (1835), Joseph Henry, (1842), Thomas Edison (1875).

Edison gave the effect the name “etheric force” and Hughes detected a spark impulse up to 500 yards with a portable receiver, but none could identify what caused the phenomenon and it was usually written off as electromagnetic induction. In 1886 Rudolf Heinrich Hertz noticed the same sparking phenomenon and, in published experiments (1887-1888), was able to demonstrate the existence of electromagnetic waves in an experiment confirming Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism! 

Murphy's Laws

Rule of Radio Reception. . .

Your walkman radio won't pick up
 the station you want to hear most!

Leaving You with a Laugh, I Hope. . .

"Ain't It the Truth. . ."

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