Monday, June 4, 2018

#29 - "Control Panel"

#30 was the moldboard plow! My Esteemed Panel of Judges was very lenient on submitted responses - approved were Peyton, Elaine, Michelle, Joani, Tony, Milt, and Mike.

"Control Panel"

Boston Waterworks Museum was the setting for this week's industrial shot. This set of gauges kept calling me over to take their picture. They were patiently lined up but by the time I got there one was called away - hence the open space second from the right. He never came back as I worked my way back over there several more times. Not sure what their function was on the machine at the BWM but they were all shined up and ready to pose!

Greatest Inventions of All Time!
Recently I came across an article about the greatest inventions as determined by a large group of scientists, philosophers, educators, and other professions. Their task was to create a list of "the Greatest Inventions of All Time." Conveniently, the final list numbered fifty! so, I'm starting with #50 and working my way down to Numero Uno in December.

Fear not as I will offer you some hints as to what the invention was.


From the early 19th century this one is my personal favorite as it changed journalism, art, culture, and how we see ourselves forever!

#29 is employed in many fields of science, manufacturing, and business, as well as its more direct uses for art, film and video production, recreational purposes, hobby, and mass communication.
Names like Daguerre and Eastman were pioneers of good old #29

Murphy's Laws

The N-1 Law. . .

If you need four screws for the job, 
the first three are easy to find.

Leaving You with a Laugh, I Hope. . .

"Musical Direction"

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