Monday, July 16, 2018

#23 - "Rusted Out"

#24 was the Telephone - as if you didn't know! 

Peyton, Milt, Joani, Michelle, and Mike all answered the call!

"Rusted Out"

Could have spent several days at the Haul of Fame! I did want to return when there was a dusting of snow to give the rusting vehicles a different look - perhaps by the end of December?

This metal identification label was affixed to the side of a large steam shovel. The colors came together for this shot. Rust is always a fun photographic subject.

Greatest Inventions of All Time!
Recently I came across an article about the greatest inventions as determined by a large group of scientists, philosophers, educators, and other professions. Their task was to create a list of "the Greatest Inventions of All Time." Conveniently, the final list numbered fifty! so, I'm starting with #50 and working my way down to Numero Uno in December.

Fear not as I will offer you some hints as to what the invention was.

#23 made maps out of stars.

It is a doubly reflecting navigation instrument  that measures the angular distance between two visible objects. The primary use of a sextant is to measure the angle between an astronomical object and the horizon for the purposes of celestial navigation. The estimation of this angle, the altitude, is known as sighting or shooting the object, or taking a sight. The angle, and the time when it was measured, can be used to calculate a position line on a nautical or aeronautical chart. The principle of the instrument was first implemented around 1731 by John Hadley and Thomas Godfrey, but it was also found later in the unpublished writings of Issac Newton.

Murphy's Laws

Johnson's Second Law. . .

If, in the course of several months, 
only three worthwhile social events take place, 
they will all fall on the same evening.

Leaving You with a Laugh, I Hope. . .

"New Arrivals"

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