Tuesday, October 22, 2013

# 292 - "Reflections. . ."

“Success is what happens when thousands of hours of preparation meet up with one moment of opportunity.” 
      - Anonymous

f/16 @ 4 sec. ISO 100 on a tripod   Polarizer   GND

HBR Falls 

I had passed by this mini-waterfall many times and knew I would go back when the elements were favorable. An overcast day would be a great start. Since I wanted the cotton candy feel, I packed up my tripod, the polarizer and my GND filter and headed off to shoot the falls. Several angles were promising but this one gave me an interesting flow and a few anchoring points within this frame, such as the contrast of the lighter rock to the left surrounded by flora and its counterpart to the right. The effect of the splashing of the water on the darker rock created a smaller waterfall.

Okay, maybe not thousands of hours of preparation but certainly hundreds of previous waterfall experimentations!

Yesterday's followers were Michelle, Phil, Deana, Joani, Michael K., Tony and returning after a brief absence - Lisa K., Milt, and Carol! Joani wanted to know if I had picked out my ten favorite SW images. Can only find one or two like this one. . .

Bonus Image

"Totem Pole" is one of the iconic images you have to capture at sunrise. Clint, our guide, made sure we were in the right position for this golden opportunity!

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