Monday, July 14, 2014

Week Twenty-eight - "Ontario"

"Outta This World!"
From the northern most pint of the Ontario Province we drove down to the southern region of Toronto. Our focus that night was the CN Tower. We set off to get in line for our tickets and the ascent to the top. We timed it just right for sunset - along with a few hundred other photo-enthusiasts as well! After a few hours up there we reached terra firma and began the walk back to out hotel. I was trying to get the right angle of the CN Tower all lit up when I look to my right and saw this layout. 

I managed to get several shots at different angles and liked this one the best. After a few minutes with PhotoShop and the NIK family of plug-is, I had my shot.

Kind of looks out of this world, doesn't it?

Weekly Photo Suggestion:

Photo editing is an art in itself!

 A Pearl of Wisdom. . .

Dean Martin's Definition of Drunkenness

You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on!

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  1. Hey Joe! Love 'Capitol!" Also love "Outta This World!" Both quite beautiful!