Monday, December 11, 2017

Dec 11th Scarecrow Challenge

Melbourne as Elaine, Michelle, Milt, Mike, and Peyton knew. Joani was about a half a hemisphere away! Welcome first time responder, Ed.

"Kenwood Tire Display"

For the past four years the Lions Club of West Bridgewater has been conducting a scarecrow competition. At first only businesses were involved in the prizes but then private residences joined in.

This one from the Kenwood Tire Company was my personal favorite - not sure how it fared against some stiff competition. Mega-points for creativity and great use of the company's main source of revenue - tires!

Where in the World?

Better get out the atlas as this year I will be featuring some of the more famous cities of the world! Here are some interesting facts about one of them. Just what city would I be visiting? 

the fourth most populous metropolitan area in its country.

this city's prominence arose from its historical importance as a center for the oil and cotton industries.

is home to the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation

The integrated circuit computer chip (which became the microchip) was invented in 1958

with the roof enclosed, the entire Statue of Liberty could fit into the city’s pro football stadium.

the largest permanent model train exhibit in the country is on display in the lobby of the city’s Children's Medical Center.

Highland Park Village Shopping Center, developed in 1931 has the distinction of being the first planned shopping center in America.

The first convenience store, 7-eleven, got its start here and the corporation is headquartered there today.

A Word to the Wise. . .

"One head cannot hold all wisdom."      
                                              ~ Maasai

Murphy's Laws. . .

Hartley's First Law:

The probability of someone watching you 
is proportional to the stupidity of your action.

It's Cartoon Time. . .

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